Friday, February 27, 2009

Hip-Hop Fridays: Raw Breed "Lune Tunz" (1993)

Raw Breed came out of the Bronx in 1993 with their Onyx-styled debut, Lune Tunz, which garnered mild underground praise and has since been left in the dust by mightier East Coast records of the same era. The MCs here all play the same character--red-throated and so "insane" that they can barely spit the words out fast enough. The choruses are all pretty much the same here, which is basically 5 guys simultaneously shouting out the song title over and over again. This may sound a little repetitive, which it can be, but the saving grace here is the production. The hardcore East Coast sound is upfront here; short, low-end piano loops and quick horn stabs keep yr head bobbing while dark bass keeps the mood heavy. The combination of the two actually make out for an awesome listen. The lyrics aren't quite as heavy the above description would make it seem, instead, these odd cats spend much time rapping cartoon-y nonsense, hence the album title. All of it makes for quite the juxtaposing listen. Oh yeah, a very young Rahzel makes a few appearances here, including the odd introduction to the record!

How Many Lumps?


Rabbit Stew video


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