Friday, July 31, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 12

The sweat continues to drip from my fingers and on to tasty new platters of wax as Vancouver is pummeled with a heat wave.

The show kicked off this week with some serious feminine heat, courtesy of midnight disco-murk goddess Nite Jewel, a new CDR of outtakes by the Magik Markers taken from their recently released 'Balf Quarry' LP, the new tightly wound Little Claw on Ecstatic Peace, and a new 7" re-issue from Grouper. No wonder my palms were so sweaty in the booth this week.

New 10"er by Nerve City has been receiving many hits at home, and I couldn't be more excited for a full length LP from them, due in the coming months from local label Sweet Rot. Stay tuned for more on them...

Managed to snake a copy of the limited to 200 cassette (sold only at the Captured Tracks/Woodsist fest that happened a few weeks back in NYC, try Fuck It Tapes for a copy) by the Fresh and Onlys. Wow, can that band ever pump out the tuneful garage kickers. Two 7"s, two cassettes, and an LP all in one year? Scratch that...two LPs. New full length of all new material due out on Woodsist sometime in September. Band of the year?

Speaking of owning '09, Ty Segall continues his onslaught with a handful of 7"s, a new full length and a split LP with the UK's Black Time. West Coast tour coming from the one-man wonder. Have to fit that into my schedule somewhere along the lines...

Coupla' new-ish numbers popped in the mail from the burgeoning Almost Ready label. The new Pink Noise is worth the peeping, but the best of the batch is the 'World Is Lousy With Ideas Vol. 8', which contains the best Blank Dogs song I e'er laid ears on (played on this show, thanks to Grimmertown for heppin' me to that one), not to mention exclusive tracks by Pink Reason, Times New Viking, Vivian Girls, Sic Alps, and a heap of others. This one won't stick around for too much longer.

Finally got to lay my hands on a copy of the Amen Dunes LP, which is slowly making it's way up the ladder of best of '09. A lot of acoustic-based lo-fi downer-pop. It's a headful but worth the investigatin'.

Moon Duo, which is Ripley the guitarist from Wooden Shjips, continues on down the same trail already being burned up by his mothership. Get a hold of it at Aquarius Records, as it seems to be disappearing fast and they probably have the last copies. Don't get caught paying ebay scum prices. Also on the heavy psych tip is the new Blues Control (pictured at the top),which finally made it's way up to Canada, and was it ever worth the wait. Four tracks of molten psych, submerged and then raised up in all the right spots. Not quite as tops as 'Puff', but a necessary piece of contemporary/future psych.

Squeezed in a nice spotlight on Indiana cassette label El Tule, which just released the Ducktails side-project Parasails. More drifting beach psych from the reigning prince (Sun Araw is still king in that arena). El Tule has also been pumping out some other great cassettes, two of which are highlighted below. Anyone interested in some Parasails action should drop a comment below.

Until next week, keep yer records out of the sun.

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Grouper "Untitled" He Knows 7" (IOG) 2009 (re-issue of 3" CDR from 2006 on Collective Jyrk)
Nite Jewel "What Did He Say?" Good Evening LP (Gloriette) 2009
Magik Markers "untitled" Shame Mask CDR (Arbitrary Signs) 2009
Little Claw "Colours You Drown" Human Taste CD (Ecstatic Peace/LP soon to be released on Not Not Fun) 2009
Nerve City "Patience As A Virtue" I Fucked Death 10" (Kill Shaman) 2009
Fresh & Onlys "Red Light, Green Light" Bomb Wombs CS (Fuck It Tapes) 2009
Cave Weddings "Bring Your Love" s/t 7" (Hozac) 2009
Thee Oh Sees "The Drag" split w/Ty Segall 7" (Castleface) 2009
Ty Segall "Universal Momma" s/t 7" (True Panther Sounds) 2009
Ty Segall "Cents" Cents s/t 7" (Goner) 2009
Ty Segall "Swag" split w/Black Time LP (Telephone Explosion) 2009
Ty Segall "In Love" split w/Black Time LP (Telephone Explosion) 2009
Pink Noise "Buzzsaw" Alpha LP (Almost Ready) 2009
Black Time "Glass Shatters" split w/Ty Segall (Telephone Explosion) 2009
B-Lines "Social Retard" Burnt CDs 7" (Nominal) 2009
Amen Dunes "By The Bridal" Dia LP (Locust) 2009
Blank Dogs "Ages Ago" World Is Lousy With Ideas Vol. 8 LP (Almost Ready) 2009
Moon Duo "Love On The Sea" Love On The Sea 12" (Sick Thirst) 2009
Blues Control "Good Morning" Local Flavor LP (Siltbreeze) 2009
Parasails "untitled" Skylife CS (El Tule) 2009
Dylan Ettinger "untitled" Bread Of The Dead (El Tule) 2009
Women In Tragedy "Imaginary Listener" Nothing But Dreams CS (El Tule) 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pop Dr(((O)))nes Episode 11

Quicky update before I head outta town for the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle. After many delays the Newest batch of Captured Tracks releases arrived. Though not as great as some of those initial releases, there were still a few sweet nugs of shit fi pop. Some great female-fronted bedroom pop in the form of the UK´s A Gal and former Pocahaunted member Bethany and her new Best Coast project. The Best Coast cassette on Blackest Rainbow is out of print (contact me below for a copy), but there is a preorder for the 7¨on Art Fag, which will be sure to sell out just as fast. Also, jammed a track off of the three Random Cuts 7¨, one which is out now (pictured above), with the others to be released over the next two months. FYI: Random Cuts is Justin Gradin from Mutators, Nons, Sex Negatives, and ER infamy. Snatch those up...

The podcast seems to be down this week. Apologies, dear readers/listeners. Playlist below...

**UPDATE** Podcast issue fixed. Download here. (Right click link, then save as)

Best Coast "Angsty" Where The Boys Are CS (Blackest Rainbow) 2009
A Gal "And All I Could Think Of Was You" split w/Jeans Wilder (Bathetic) 2009
Eat Skull "Talkin' Boy In The Walls Blues" Wild And Inside LP (Siltbreeze) 2009
Indian Jewelry "Goin' South" Sangles Redux LP (Skinny Wolves) 2009
Mayyors "The Crawl" Deads 12" (Hurlin' Man) 2009
Womankind "untitled" unreleased CDR 2009
Roman Soldiers "Warmer" Warmer 7" (Captured Tracks) 2009
Little Girls "Youth Tunes" Youth Tunes 7" (Captured Tracks) 2009
Kid Romance "I Use Electricity" Fuck Punx 7" (Captured Tracks) 2009
German Measles "Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out" s/t (Captured Tracks) 2009
Random Cuts "Destroyed" Rat Capacity/Destroyed 7" (Nominal) 2009
Random Cuts "Sleep" Sleep/Jail Stripes 7" (Nominal) 2009
Random Cuts "Make Damage" Make Damage/Pigeon Park 7" (Nominal) 2009
Nobunny "Chuck Berry Holiday" Love Visions LP (1234 Go Records) 2008
Ty Segall "Drop Out Boogie" Lemons LP (Goner) 2009
So Cow "Casablanca" s/t LP (Tic Tac Totally) 2009
Wooden Shjips "I Hear The Vibrations (E-Z Version)" Contact 12" (Mexican Summer) 2009
Expo '70 "Seismic Nuances" Night Flight LP (Fedora Corpse) 2009
Dolphins Into The Future "Into The High Seas" ...On Sea Faring Isolation LP (Not Not Fun) 2009
Dead Machines "Live At The Wooden Octopus" split w/Blue Sabbath Black Cheer CS (Gnarled Forest) 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Noise Show! Tonight!! @ The Secret Location

FRIDAY JULY 17th 2009, Secret Location (east hastings/ask around).













Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 10

Whole wack of freshness this week. Two fresh off the Sweet Rot assembly line this week; Woven Bones continues his dominance of the 7" in 2009 (see his new ones on Needless and Hozac for more proof), and the debut from Mississippi's Flight, which is definitely the better of the two. Flight traverse down the same well-worn path as Royal Trux but this affair is a bit more blown out than that. Forthcoming 10" on Kill Shaman and a 7" on Hozac should further cement Flight's ascent as one of '09s better debutantes.

Managed to squeeze out one of my favorite tracks off thenew and impossible-to-get-a-damn-hold-of Mayyors 12" (pictured above). Much better than those two also impossible to get 7"s from last year. The band come off a little tighter but still remain gnarly as all hell. 10 copies I wholesaled were gone before they even arrived. Thanks to those who "pre-ordered". Maybe there'll be a repress sometime soon...

Lots of newness from the Woodsist label dropped into my lap this week. The Ganglians LP, to these jagged ears, is far superior to the overt Beach Boys-aping on their Weird Forest full length, which dropped around the same time. The Woodsist LP, while still being pretty darn catchy, revels in a world that is a little harder to pinpoint. The new Psychedelic Horseshit also on Woodsist is probably the most listenable thing they've dropped since that 7" from a few years back. Much better than the delightful mess that dropped on Siltbreeze a while back.

Cassette nerds should be sure to head to the Danish-based Skrot Up label for a serious dose of tape art. Skrot Up, who released the FNU Ronnies "Golem" cassette earlier this year (now re-issued on one-sided LP by Night People), have been keeping pretty busy. Plenty of industrial-scuzz, nightmare garage, and a few other unclassifiable sounds have been unleashed over the last few months, with many coming with large-sized silkscreen posters. Jaw dropping work here, folks. Check here for a nice Skrot up sampler. Then head over to the blogspot page for purchases.

Also, due to a few other blogs assuming that the Matrix Metals cassette, which I profiled last week, was James Ferraro from the Skaters, I have been informed that this is not the case. Matrix Metals remains a mystery. I did, however, play a side from the Ferraro LP re-issue of Discovery just to show how similar the two are.

Make sure you snatch up a copy of the new Nu Sensae 7" on Critiscum Internationale at their release party tonight (July 16) at the Rickshaw Theatre. Random Cuts (aka Justin Gradin from Mutators and Emergency Room kingpin's solo-joint) will also be debuting their first of three new 7"s to released by Nominal. Hell, might even be a triple release show if the B-Lines can get theirs ready in time. See ya'll there.

That's it for until next week...

Woven Bones "Your Sorcery" Your Sorcery 7" (Sweet Rot) 2009
Flight "Flowers" 7" (Sweet Rot) Flowers 7" 2009
Mayyors "Clicks" Deads 12" (Hurling Man) 2009
Hunches "Actors" Exit Dreams LP (In The Red) 2009
Nice Face "Thing In My Head" Thing In My Head 7" (Sacred Bones) 2008
Blessure Grave "City Lights" Learn To Love The Rope 12" (Captured Tracks) 2009
Mode Moderne "Photography" unreleased demo 2009
Nu Sensae "Worm(s)" Three Dreams 7" (Critiscum Internationale) 2009
Nu Sensae "Fantum" Three Dreams 7" (Critiscum Internationale) 2009
Electric Bunnies "Colorful Teardrops" split w/Pink Reason 7" (Die Stasi) 2009
Ganglians "Rats, Man" s/t LP (Woodsist) 2009
Psychedelic Horseshit "We're Pink Floyd, Bitch" Shitgaze Anthems 12" (Woodsist) 2009
Biblical Violence "UDAAAV" Bib Vio CS (Skrot Up) 2009
SFHHH "Day Care" s/t CS (Skrot Up) 2009
Thetlvmth "3.29" Noel CS (Skrot Up) 2009
James Ferraro "Discovery (Side A)" Discovery LP (Holy Mountain) 2009 (re-issue)
Dave Phillips "They Live (Side B)" They Live LP (RRR) 2009

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Indian Jewelry Vs. Psychic Ills. Tonight! @Little Mountain Studios, July 14th

Amazing show happening at Little Mountain Studios tonight. Twee Death presents a no holds barred battle between NYC's trance-inducing Psychic Ills and Houston, Texas' demented Industro-garage trio (?), Indian Jewelry. This should be one for the ages, folks. Do not miss this out...

Local psych juggernauts solars will be opening this dual off, thus setting the pace.

Show should kick off not much later than 9pm.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hip-Hop Fridays: Tribe Called Quest "Award Tour" Video (1993)

No upload this week folks, just an easy to embed youtube video of one of my favorite jams of all time. I remember seeing this video on Rap City when I was 12 and being absolutely mesmerized, then forgetting the name of the group immediately after. It took another 3-4 years to find out again. Remember, this would've been well before the instant-answer internet. Anyways, if you know this joint then sit back and reminisce with me. If you don't, then yr in for a treat.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 9

Fresh off the presses this week is the upcoming Nu Sensae 7"er on Critiscum Internationale, which should be out later this or next week. The sleeve looks great and the 4 tracks within are even gnarlier and nastier than anything on their debut 12" from last year. Snatch this one up quick when it drops.

Coupla' new Sweet Rot 7"s, including the outstanding Shackles, who hail from Seattle. It looks like their are two even newer Sweet Rot titles that just dropped this week--Woven Bones, who already have a great one on this year's Hozac Hookup Klub and one from Needless (in the mail!), and the debut 7" by Mississippi's Flight, who will also be putting out a 7" as part of the Hozac Hookup and 10" on Kill Shaman.

Six Finger Satellite have returned after about a ten year absence, but it proved to be worth the wait. The band is back in attack mode but the edges have been slightly dulled, though it's still worth nabbing a copy, even for the hardcore purists. Investigate 6FS more thorughly here. Before I played the 6FS I squeezed in some of the current bands that've adopted their style successfully. Philly's FNU Ronnies have taken that sound and tossed it around their cave for awhile, turning it into a neanderthal thumpety racket. Meanwhile, the now defunct California Raisins decided to blatantly steal the 6FS sound circa-"Severe Exposure. Fine by me. Hell, even that new Mongst (Jeremy from Shearing Pinx) track has a bit of that vibe, though much grimier and recorded in the lowest of fi's.

On the lighter side of things, finally found the time to display some wares from the excellent Sound And Fury label based out of Australia. Though the label has released some works by notorious noise-mongers outside of Australia (Machinefabrik, Burning Star Core, Yellow Swans) the best stuff, well, at least the freshest, are the acts out of the continent itself. Both Mirrored Silver Sea and Shoebe Ahmad have been tooling around with the shoegaze vibe but have brought it out into their own distinct manner. The packaging from the Sound And Fury label has been above par as well, especially considering they're CDRs, which I normally dislike. Each CDR is packaged in handcut, thick textured paper sleeve, accompanied with silkscreened innards, and sealed with wax. Yowza! Talk about a serious effort for CDRs. Seriously, toss some cash his way, or check DNT for availability.

Though I only managed to play a brief segment of it, the highlight this week (pictured above) is the brand new project from The Skaters' James Ferraro, Matrix Metals. It's an Ariel Pink-esque (w/o vocals) romp through soggy dub, funk, disco and 80s TV themes. I'll let NNF sum it up for ya'..."A hotwired collection of fringe-vision vignettes that roves from ghost club beats to astral 80s TV theme songs to loopy interdimensional dub-funk and beyond,". Seriously amazing and utterly addictive. NNF still has copies and even yours truly has a few to spare. Hit me up in the comments.

Whole buncha' amazing shows coming our way in the next week...

Thursday, July 9th @Honey Lounge
Shannon and the Clams, Pterodactyl, Nu Sensae, Pompoir, and Dead Ghosts

Monday, July 13th @Cobalt
Francis Harold and The Holograms w/ Fag Cop, Dead Ghosts, and Timecopz

Tuesday, July 14th @Little Mountain Studios
Psychic Ills and Indian Jewelry

Made In Mexico show is next Saturday, the 18th
Saturday, July 18th @ a secret space (ask around for details)
Made In Mexico, Magick Daggers, Shearing Pinx, Fortress, and Sex Negatives

thanks to my astute readers for pointing that one out.

Blank Dogs "Slowing Down" Under and Under 2LP (In The Red) 2009
The Shackles "Broken Arm" Broken Arm 7" (Sweet Rot) 2009
Jeffrey Novak "One Of A Kind" One Of A Kind 7" (Sweet Rot) 2009
Ty Segall "Pretty Baby (You're So Ugly)" s/t 12" (Castleface) 2008
Fresh and Onlys "Fog Machine" Debut LP (Castleface) 2009
Nu Sensae "Mowgli and Sly" 3 Dreams 7" (Critiscum Internationale) 2009
Nu Sensae "Mens Rea" 3 Dreams 7" (Critiscum Internationale) 2009
Defektors "Torn To Pieces" Torn To Pieces 7" (Hockey Dad) 2008
Mongst "Dormitude" A Poison Stronger Than Love CS (Isolated Now Waves) 2009
FNU Ronnies "Golem Smoke" Golem Smoke one-sided 12" (Night People) 2009
California Raisins "Ride The Rainbow" split w/Cave 10" (Permanent Records) 2008
Six Finger Satellite "Hot Food" Half Control LP (Load) 2009
Mirrored Silver Sea "Cormandel" Continual Ascension CDR (Sound and Fury) 2009
Shoebe Ahmad "Untitled" Soft Disasters" Sea Songs, Dead Ends and Sleeping Pills CDR (Sound And Fury) 2009
Pete Swanson "Untitled, Side B" Unlimited Options CS (Helicopter) 2009
Bryter Layter "Untitled" Imprinted Seasons CS (Arbor) 2009
Matrix Metals "Flamingo Breeze (excerpt)" Flamingo Breeze CS (Not Not Fun) 2009
Timothy Goldie & Mattin "How Will It Be Enforced" Deflag Haemorrhage Haien Kontra (Tochnit Aleph) 2009

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 8

Plenty O' new jams this week, including the amazing psych-stomper that is the White Hills side of their split with The Heads on Rocket Recordings. You can still nab copies of that at the AQ HQ, though I'm sure it won't last much longer. Also had an mp3 sent my way from one of my favorite new local bands, Mode Moderne. Caught their show at Music Waste and also saw them opening up for The Fresh And Onlys a coupla weeks back, and both times were quite impressive. The recordings sent my way were also of a shockingly high quality. Hopefully we'll get a release outta them in the near future. A few more mp3's will be played over the next few weeks. Keep an ear out.

Also managed to squeeze in one of the better tracks off the new Secret Abuse (aka Impregnable, Marble Sky) LP on Arbor (pictured above), and, much like recent releases by Emaciator, the man has traded in his trademark harsh noise for a much more gauzier, Tim Hecker/Fennesz-like sound, which I can never get enough of. I highly recommend you snatch that one up if any of the above mentioned artists tickled yr earbuds.

Download Episode 8 here. (right click, Save As)

The Bitters "Caves" Wooden Glove 12" (Captured Tracks) 2009
Brilliant Colors "Highly Evolved" Highly Evolved 7" (Captured Tracks) 2009
Mode Moderne "Les Neufs Souers" unreleased demo, 2009
TeePee "Cut You Some Slack" Heal 7" (Florida's Dying) 2009
TeePee "So Sure That I" Aware 7" (Weird Hug) 2009
TeePee "Work" Wooden Noise CS (self released) 2009
Psychedelic Horseshit "Bring On The Curse" Who Let The Dogs Out? 7" (Columbus Discount) 2007
Nothing People "Late Night" Late Night LP (S-S) 2009
Belong "Late Night" Colorless Record 12" (St. Ives) 2008
White Hills "I Will Find Peace Of Mind" Collisions Vol. 1, split with The Heads (Rocket Recordings) 2009
Secret Abuse "Carefully Opening The Window" The Immeasureable Gift LP (Arbor) LP
Infinity Window "Internal Compass" Artificial Midnight LP (Arbor) LP
Emeralds "Fresh Air" Fresh Air 7" (A Sound Design Recording) 2009
Loop "The Nail Will Burn" A Gilded Eternity 2x 12" (Situation Two) 1990 *request*
THE RITA "Untitled" Two On A Match w/Carlos Giffoni 2xLP (No Fun Productions) 2009
THE RITA "Footless" The Nylons Of Laura Antonelli 8xCS (Utmarken) 2009