Monday, October 25, 2010

Pop Dr(((O)))jes: Episode 69

Shockingly great record from the boys that used to be known as The Go. Detroit mainstays who once had the infamous Jack White in their ranks, and also had their still-unreleased second LP, Free Electricity, denied by Sub Pop, prompting the band to leave the record shelved to this day, never to look back. They spent the next few years cultivating a cult audience, issuing LPs and seven inches on small labels run by friends and fans. With this recent release, they've changed their name to Conspiracy Of Owls and have quietly dropped one of 2010's great rock records. With lead singer and guitarist Bobby Harlow once again helming production, the band have delved even further into the lite-psych and 70s AM pop that was only dabbled in with their last LP, 2007's Howl On The Haunted Beat You Ride. Harlow and co. have managed to peel back several decades of easy-going rock, from Brian Wilson-esque odes to childhood to McDonald and Giles prog-folk, and twist it up into their own unique take, one that can be instantly recognized by long-time fans as The Go (errr, Conspiracy Of Owls). Fans of any permutation of what is known simply as rock and roll will have a hard time not finding something great on this record. An initial run of 500 has sold out, including a special edition glow-in-the-dark cover, though Burger Records has graciously pressed another 200. Absolute highest recommendation is bestowed upon this amazing record. Seek out immediately.

Dum Dum Girls "Dream Away Life" s/t 7" (Hell Yes!) 2010
Veronica Falls "Staying Here" s/t 7" (Captured Tracks) 2010
Grass Widow "Shadow" Past Time LP (Kill Rock Stars) 2010
Juan Wauters "Without You" Wandering Wondering CS (Captured Tracks) 2010
The Fresh & Onlys "Impending Doom" s/t 7" (Agitated) 2010
Conspiracy Of Owls "Raving Mad" s/t LP (Burger) 2010
Wheels On Fire "Black Wave" Cherry Bomb 7" (Kind Turkey) 2010
Cumstain "Just A Kid/Vicdumb" s/t CS (Burger) 2010
No Balls "Prove Everything Everyday" Less LP (Who Can You Trust?/Streaks) 2010
Running "Little Fucker" s/t CS (Permanent) 2010
Heater "Dead Bird/Fire Peacock" God And Hair LP (Permanent) 2010
Sun Araw "Midnight Locker" Off Duty 12" (Woodsist) 2010
N.213 "Untitled 7" split w/Reflektionss LP (Needs More RAM) 2010
Colored Mushroom and the Medicine Rocks "Last Chapter (Make Up An Ending)" s/t LP (Wagon) 2010
Raglani "Nothing Is Inevitable" split w/Outer Space LP (Nihilist) 2010
Pete Swanson "Believers" Feelings In America LP (Root Strata) 2010
Roger Mexico "Hallowmas Sabbat" Poisson CS (Vacant) 2010

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Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 68

Veronica Falls "Beachy Head" s/t 7" (Captured Tracks) 2010
Dum Dum Girls "Stiff Little Fingers" s/t 7" (Hell Yes!) 2010
The Fresh & Onlys "Troubling Vision" s/t 7" (Agitated) 2010
The Doozer "Up And Down" Great Explorers LP (Siltbreeze) 2010
Juan Wuaters "Outta Dust" This Is Uruguay Radio CS (Captured Tracks) 2010
Circle Pit "Beginning And The End" Bruise Constellation LP (Siltbreeze) 2010
Black Math "Storefront" Phantom Power LP (Permanent) 2010
Kitchen's Floor "Downed It" Loneliness Is A Dirty Mattress LP (RIP Society) 2010
Running "Garbage Truck" s/t CS (Permanent) 2010
Zond "Blue Haze" s/t LP (RIP Society) 2010
No Balls "Less" Less LP (Who Can You Trust?/Streaks) 2010
No Balls "Undeveloped" Problems That Will Solve Themselves 7" (self released) 2010
Reflektionss "Untitled 3" split w/N.213 LP (Needs More RAM) 2010
No UFOs "side B" Soft Coast CS (Nice Up Intl.) 2010
N.213 "Untitled 7" split w/Reflektionss LP (Needs More RAM) 2010
High Wolf "Prius" Shangri L.A. CD (MOAMOO) 2010
L'Amazon Arkestra "Equilibrium" A.R.A. CS (Winged Sun) 2010
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer "We Hate You" split w/Griefer LP (self released) 2010

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 67

The Girls At Dawn "The Evil One" Call The Doctor LP (Norton) 2010
The Fresh & Onlys "Be My Hooker" Play It Strange LP (In The Red) 2010
Circle Pit "Hurricane" Bruise Constellation LP (Siltbreeze) 2010
Brain Idea "Plates" Survival Scrolls LP (Permanent) 2010
Cacaw "Ratt Killer" s/t LP (Permanent) 2010
AHNA "Confederation" s/t LP (soldier pumps/Broadway To Boundary) 2010
The Samps "Hyperbolic" s/t 12" (Mexican Summer) 2010
Walsh "Sweet Draemz" Smoke Weed About It EP (self released download) 2010
Ducktails "Sitting" s/t 7" (Shdwply) 2010
Ducktails "Apple Walk" Mirror Walk 7" (Olde English Spelling Bee) 2010
Radio People "The Leap Home Pt II" s/t LP (Digitalis Vinyl) 2010
Colored Mushroom and the Medicine Rocks "Blood Puddle/Sore Subject" s/t LP (Wagon) 2010
Outer Space "Memory Bomb" s/t LP (Arbor) 2010
Emeralds "Summerdata" s/t 7" (Wagon/Gneiss Things) 2010
Mark McGuire "Brothers (For Matt)" Living With Yourself LP (Editions Mego) 2010
Sam Goldberg "Some Time To Burn" split w/Mark McGuire CS (Pizza Wagon) 2010

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Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 66

After reading about it on Still Single, Weird Canada, 20 Jazz Funk Greats, Wire Magazine and a rave review on Mimaroglu (he apparently bought up a 1/3 of the 100 available cassettes for his site), I finally managed to grip this debut tape by local unknown No UFOs. The name seems to be gripped from a Model 500 song, an early alias of techno legend Juan Atkins (touchstones of the electro-funk track can be heard on the tape). Soft Coast is one of those rare releases that defies easy categorization. Songs switch course just as soon as the get under yr skin, from bouncy Cluster-style kraut riddims to Analord-era Aphex Twin acid to Faust IV sheets of guitar and then drifting into lulling ambience. All of it seamlessly patched together on a 30 minute cassette that'll have a tough time leaving the deck. There's certainly a reason that many cassettes will remain on that format, but Soft Coast is one of those rare tapes that demands a vinyl release. The cassette is long sold out from the source, but looks like the fine folks over at Tomentosa have the last copies. Highest recommendation is bestowed upon this release along with a plea that someone get this to vinyl asap. New releases by Prairie Fire and some possible recordings to be issued by unnamed US labels are being worked on for later this year/early next year. You'll definitely be hearing about those here. Nice Up International, run by Konrad of No UFOs, also have some releases in the works. Keep an eye on the label's website for more.

The Fresh & Onlys "Red Light Green Light" Play It Strange LP (In The Red) 2010
Broken Water "Nothing Ever Happened" s/t 7" (Fan Death) 2010
Brain Idea "Days Blown Away" Survival Scrolls LP (Permanent) 2010
Purling Hiss "Passenger Queen" Hissteria LP (Permanent) 2010
The Ether "Siamese" Folly CDR (Patente) 2010
Bitches "Sleepwalk" s/t 7" (self released) 2010
Prince Rama "Thunderdrums" Shadow Temple LP (Paw Tracks) 2010
Wet Hair "Blessed" split w/Peaking Lights 7" (Not Not Fun) 2010
Iibiis Rooge "Coro-Coro" s/t LP (Dekorder) 2010
No UFOs "side A" Soft Coast CS (Nice Up Intl.) 2010
Tassels "The Brethren Of Purity" The Rosicrucians CS (Digitalis) 2010
Evan Caminiti "Glowing Sky" West Winds LP (Three Lobed) 2010
Ossining "Go For Pinks" I Will Be Missed LP (Digitalis) 2010
Xela "Of The Light And Of The Stars" Of The Divine LP (Dekorder) 2010, *reissue of 2009 CS on Digitalis Limited

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Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 65

Dizzy Eyes "Break Up The Band" split w/Mode Moderne CS (Lust Nuevo) 2010
Myelin Sheaths "Gloves/Mutations" Get On Your Nerves LP (South-Paw) 2010
Reading Rainbow "Wasting Time" Prism Eyes LP (Hozac) *due Nov 23 2010
Pearl Harbor "I've Got Some Happiness" Puro Instinct 12" (Gloriette) 2010
Altar Eagle "Six Foot Arms" Mechanical Gardens LP (Type) 2010
Black Math "Commando Of Love" Phantom Power LP (Permanent) 2010
Constant Mongrel "Goofy" s/t CS (Hidiotic) 2010
Cacaw "Earth Doesn't Deserve You" s/t LP (Permanent) 2010
Moon Duo "Run Around" V/A-Menagerie #5 LP (Blackest Rainbow) 2010
Mugstar "Ouroboros" Sun, Broken CD (Important) 2010
Games "Everything Is Working" s/t 7" (Hippos In Tanks) 2010
The Samps "Yellowjacket" s/t 12" (Mexican Summer) 2010
Grouper "Sick" Hold/Sick 7" (Room 40) 2010
Outer Space "Scanlon" s/t LP (Arbor) 2010
Roger Mexico "Dragged By A Horse" Poisson CS (Vacant Tapes) 2010
Totally Ripped "Osmosis" Osmosis 7" (Isolated Now Waves) 2010

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