Saturday, April 30, 2011

Episode 93

Terrorbird "Dumb Sick" Human Culture LP (Night People) 2011
EMA "Butterfly Knife" Past Life Martyred Saints LP (Souterrain Transmissions) 2011
Gun Outfit "Ring A Bell" High Places 12" (Make A Mess) 2011
Broken Water "Peripheral Star" Peripheral Star 12" (Perennial) 2011
Graeme Jefferies "I Just Want To Take You Higher" Kangaroos In The Paddock LP (Violet Times) 2011
Primitive Motion "A Straight Line" Certain Materials 7" (Soft Abuse) 2011
Twerps "Self Assured" s/t 7" (Underwater Peoples) 2011
Chris Forsyth "New Pharmacist Boogie (For Jack)" Paranoid Cat LP (Family Vineyard) 2011
Ty Segall "Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart" Ty Rex 12" (Goner) 2011
Nu Sensae "Tea Swamp Park" Bloodstains Across BC 7" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.) 2011
Role Mach "Sun Yat Sen" Bloodstains Across BC 7" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.) 2011
White Lung "Deadbeat Sun" Bloodstains Across BC 7" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.) 2011
Shearing Pinx "Golden Spruce" Bloodstains Across BC 7" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.) 2011
AHNA "Old Ones" Bloodstains Across BC 7" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.) 2011
Shipyards "Kool Treat, Cool Treet" Bloodstains Across BC 7" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.) 2011
Needles//Pins "My Politics" Bloodstains Across BC 7" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.) 2011
Moon Duo "In The Sun (Purling Hiss Remix)" Mazes Remixed CD (Sacred Bones) 2011
Hunters Palace "KRT" s/t 10" (self released) 2011
Grouper "Soul Eraser" A I A: Dream Loss LP (self released) 2011
Grouper "She Loves Me That Way (Second Heart Tone)" A I A: Alien Observer LP (self released) 2011
Annapurna Illusion "Blood Dive" split w/High Wolf 12" (Group Tightener) 2011

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Episode 92

Jaw dropping new cassette by San Francisco's Peter Berends as KWJAZ, just issued as the first release on Brunch Groupe, run by Joe Knight from Rangers. Two side-long tracks that ooze from one piece to the next, morphing from cosmic lounge music to slowed down cool jazz loops to warbled alien-like bossa nova excursions, all of it stitched together seamlessly across the cassette's forty-five minute run time. Initial batch of just over 100 copies sold out pretty fast, though Not Not Fun will be stepping up and putting it to wax sometime in the summer.

Daily Life "My Time" s/t 7" square flexi-lathe (Glass Coffin) 2011
Student Teacher "Faulty Stance" s/t CS (Geographing) 2011
Real Numbers "Tear It In Two" s/t 7" (Florida's Dying) 2011
Pheromoans "Newsagent Hop" My Mind Is On The Anti-Climb Paint 12" (Onec) 2011
The Feeling Of Love "We Are Out Of Tune" Dissolve Me LP (Born Bad)2011
Lenguas Largas "I Feel" s/t LP (Tic Tac Totally) 2011
Apache Dropout "Run Peacock Run" s/t LP (Family Vineyard) 2011
TV Ghost "The Inheritors" Mass Dream LP (In The Red) 2011
Holy Cobras "Night Fighter Part 1" Forever LP (Telephone Explosion) 2011
Predator "You" s/t LP (Douchemaster) 2011
B-Lines "In The Red" s/t 12" (Nominal/Deranged) 2011
Magic Jake & The Power Crystals "Brains Of Rats" s/t CS (Burger) 2011
Brain Flannel "So Dim" s/t 7" (Grave Mistake) 2011
Women In Prison "Births Of Rot" s/t 7" (Hozac) 2011
Iceage "Never Return" New Brigade LP (Dais) 2011
Homostupids "R Companion" Strawberry Orange Peach Banana 12" (Fashionable Idiots) 2011
Puffy Areolas "My Hell" split w/Purling Hiss 12" (Permanent) 2011
Providien "Followed By A Wraith" Followed By A Wraith LP (Amethyst Sunset) 2011
Ken Seeno "Driving Into Light Blustery Day" Invisible Surfers On Invisible Waves CS (NNA) 2011
Radio People "Sanctuary" Avalon CS (Centre) 2011
KWJAZ "Frighteous Wane (excerpt)" s/t CS (Brunch Groupe) 2011

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Episode 91

Mandlebrot & Skyy "TT Races" OD-Axis LP (Digitalis) 2011
Rene Hell "Lighthouse Marvel" The Terminal Symphony LP (Type) 2011
Ken Seeno "Figs" Open Window CS (Watercolor) 2010
Dylan Ettinger "Endeavor" Botany Bay CS (NNA) 2011
Wet Hair "Fade Til Morning" In Vogue Spirit LP (De Stijl) 2011 *due May 7 2011
Zomes "Spiraling" Earth Grid LP (Thrill Jockey) 2011
Bitchin Bajas "Water 4" Water Wrickets CS (self released) 2011
Three Legged Race "Raining Order" Raining Order CS (NNA) 2011
Motion Sickness Of Time Travel "Telepathy" Seeping Through The Veil Of The Unconscious LP (Digitalis) 2011
Grouper "Alien Observer" AIA: Alien Observer LP (Yellow Electric) 2011
Niggas With Guitars "Milky White" Ethnic Frenzy LP (Digitalis) 2011
Neon Sea "Compressing Light" split w/Krister Bergman CS (Michelle Remembers) 2010
Nervous Operator "Antiverse" split w/Mongst CS (Isolated Now Waves) 2010

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Episode 90

Ooooh boy, received a doozy of a surprise this week with the self released ten inch by London/Brussels shadow dwellers, Hunter's Palace. A few weeks had gone by after the band had solicited a promo of their debut, so unwrapping the record last week was met with head scratching after trying to read the words on the front of it. Out slipped the promo sheet with a write up that muddied things even further. Apparently the band's name was translated to Maltese for the cover, then the sheet went on to inform me of strange laws in Malta. No description of the band, well, outside of "formed in 2003, disbanded in 2014". Well, proof's in the puddin', so they say. Side A,"Tal-Metall", begins with a disorienting guitar line that reminded me of later period Don Caballero, before the song eventually erupts into well-timed guitar howls and smoked out riffs. Meanwhile, the vocalist is singing in a language I cannot place. Maltese? Eventually it all settles down, though some great tension is created by some whirling electronics and eerie guitars. Soon the riffs are back and the vocals grow urgent this time, yet still indiscernible. The song fades out and soon it's over. What just happened there? No easy reference points here so I bring the needle back to the beginning. Again. And again. I guess it sounds a bit like a thuggish offshoot of one of the many bands from Metz, France (think of a more monlothic Anals or A.H. Kraken...maybe). That's the best I got. The flip is a lot more chaotic but very controlled and calculated. More yelping in Maltese coupled with a beefy wall of feedbacking guitars, droning keyboards and cavernous guitars. Intense listening to say the least. Easily one of my favorite releases so far this year, and it blindsided me, as so many great records do. I highly recommend you grab this one direct from the source because it doesn't seem like too many shops or distros will be picking up on this anytime soon.

Also just watched this video for Tal-Metall, which hasn't really cleared much up.
*note: not for the squeamish

The Sandwitches "Over The Moon" Mrs. Jones Cookies LP (Empty Cellar) 2011
Terrorbird "We Were Monsters" Human Culture LP (Night People) 2011
Circuit Des Yeux "Barrel Down" s/t 7" (De Stijl) 2011
The Fresh & Onlys "Keep Telling Everyone Lies" Secret Walls 12" (Sacred Bones) *due April 26
Girls Names "Lawrence" Dead To Me LP (Captured Tracks) 2011
Vacant Lots "Cadillac" s/t 7" (Mexican Summer) 2011
True Widow "Skull Eyes" As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth LP (Kemado) 2011
Broken Water "Heartstrings" Peripheral Star 12" (Perennial) 2011
Jerusalem & The Starbaskets "Brighter The Light" DOST LP (De Stijl) 2011 *due May 7
Jeans Wilder "Don't Want To Live Forever" Nice Trash LP (Atelier Ciseaux/La Station Radar) 2011
Dirty Beaches "A Hundred Highways" Badlands LP (Zoo Music) 2011
Krang "Spirit Animal" s/t 7" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.) 2011
Hunter's Palace "Tal-Metall" Il Palazz-Tal Kaccatur 10" (self released) 2011
Norman Neubauer "Background" unreleased mp3, 2011
Hobo Cubes "There Are No Corners In This Dimension" Perceptive Pulses CS (Orange Milk) 2011
Giant Claw "Big Heat" Midnight Murder CS (Orange Milk) 2011

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Episode 89

After creating some of the harshest noise assaults under his Burning Star Core moniker, CS Yeh steps out from behind his violin and processed electronics for a shot at pop. The A side, "In The Blink Of An Eye", starts out with an early 00's bass thump (think early DFA singles) and is followed by some obtuse and muted guitar work. Then his voice (noise fans will have heard this only in the form of Yoko Ono-like vocal workouts) jumps in. Doubled up, we first hear a flat and almost unemotional voice, a bit reminiscent of Jim O'Rourke's, and is coupled with a backup that awkwardly tries to hit the higher notes. May not sound that appealing on paper but it balances out quite well alongside the upbeat music, all of which grows in sonic density as the song progresses. It's all pretty head scratching at first but much like his more experimental work, it grows on you. The flip is a piano-led ballad that is a bit more stark and haunting than the A. Both songs are expertly produced and reveal a side of the musician that I'm sure most would never have even thought possible. Hopefully this is just a taste of things to come from. Great packaging on this too; silkscreened covers on nice textured paper. Sure to be out of print soon. Snatch it here.

CS Yeh "In The Blink Of An Eye" s/t 7" (De Stijl) 2011
Koban "Turn Him On" s/t 7" (Broadway To Boundary) 2011
Sharp Ends "Vacant City" s/t 7" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.) 2011
Dan Melchior "The Grassy Knoll" The King Of Sheep CS (Scotch Tapes) 2011
Dan Melchior "Atomizer" Assemblage Blues LP (Siltbreeze) 2011
Slug Guts "Town Tied" Howlin' Gang LP (Sacred Bones) 2011
K-Holes "Native Tongues" s/t LP (Hozac) 2011
Primitive Motion "Circle Of Light" Certain Materials 7" (Soft Abuse) 2011
Tyvek "Outer Limits" Third Man Live LP (Third Man) 2011
Strange Attractor "Just Lookin'" Strange Attractor CS (Scotch Tapes) 2011
Lenguas Largas "Endless Sands" s/t LP (Tic Tac Totally) 2011
Women In Prison "Births Of Rot" Strange Waves 7" (Hozac) 2011
Cosmonauts "Dorothy" s/t LP (Permanent) 2011
Purling Hiss "Walking Down The Street" split w/Puffy Areolas 12" (Permanent) 2011 *due April 16
Psychic Paramount "DDB" II LP (No Quarter) 2011
Total Control "Pyre Island" Pyre Island 7" (Hustle Muscle) 2011
Black Zone Myth Chant "Sleeping With The TV On" Straight CS (Winged Sun) 2011
High Wolf "Dream Is Good" Etoile 3030 CS (Not Not Fun) 2011

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*episode MIA, should be up later this week