Friday, June 27, 2008


Front Cover
Inner Sleeve
Sorry kids. I have zero info on this band. Not even sure I remember where I picked it up from (Aquarius, Mimarogalu??). There is zero info on the inter-google, and even the band's myspace isn't giving up much either. From what I gather, they are from Minnesota, have had a rotating cast of musicians and seem to have some loose ties with one of my favorite labels, Night People.One of the members, Grant Jackson, runs a label called Never Ender (also here) who seem to have decent looking/sounding releases from groups all within the midwest USA. The music within is 3 10 minute-ish tracks of twittering electronics, knuckle-dragging rhythms, squawking sax and meandering sonic explorations. Nothing too immediate comes to mind when I try to summon a comparison, so that can only be a good thing. Right? Anyone with info on this label or band should cough it up asap.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

AFCGT (A Frames + Climax Golden Twins)

Recently nabbed a copy of this ultra limited (50!) super session between the A Frames and Climax Golden Twins, and it has been kicking my ass. I caught the two groups play together earlier in the year when they opened up Spectrum (aka Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3) and they were pretty amazing, in fact, I thought they blew Spectrum off the stage. The show was a 3 guitar, 1 bass and 1 drummer lunar assault. Wailing guitars and a lumbering rhythm section all came together to create a monolithic reach for the stars. This release is a bit more restrained than that. Instead we have an unlikely collaboration of two bands, for lack of better words, feeling each other out on the astral plane of avant-rock. 10 tracks that range from Sun City Girls gamelan worship to sludgy space explorations. The band's myspace finds them in good company--Blank Dogs, Los Llamarada, Factums, Sun City Girls and Pink Reason are all high ranking friends and sonic touchstones for this unique group. Let's hope they press this one for keeps next time.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Wolf Eyes-Nuisance and the Back to Attack Boxset

I picked up a few tour only items from Wolf Eyes when they came through town two weeks ago, and, as promised, I have uploaded the CD's. I also picked up a tape of their show that they had played the night before in Victoria with The Rita and Brutophilia. They were recording all of their West Coast shows and dubbing them on the road, all to be sold at the next destination. I don't have the ability to rip tapes into mp3s yet, so ya'll will just have to wait. These should tide you over until then.


Nuisance features 4 tracks, including 2 two minute and 2 fifteen minute tracks. The opener is a quick, clunky beat jam that segues nicely into a fifteen minute funhouse from hell, which is very reminiscent of the first half of their set at Pats Pub two weeks ago. The third track is very similar to the other two minute clunker, and the final piece is an unspectacular rise to the surface. This is probably the only track that isn't as up to snuff as the rest of the material posted here. Apparently, according to Mike Connelly himself, the two short tracks on the disc are due to be revamped and recorded properly for their next full length album, due in the fall on Hospital, and has the working title of "Pretending Alive."

DOWNLOAD: Wolf Eyes-Nuisance


The first disc on the boxset is one 45 minute track that starts off slow and meandering but then quickly progresses into a beat-frenzied snarl fest. Ten minutes in, the track descends back into the basement for a twitching static dirge that peaks after about 5 minutes, only to descend back into the subterranean hell from which it sprang. The rest of the track pretty much follows this path of hellish peaks and frightening valleys. The whole track was played live, as evidenced by the cheering crowd that doesn't really show up on the recording until the end. Despite it being a live track, the fidelity is pretty amazing.
DOWNLOAD: Wolf Eyes Boxset Disc 1

The second disc is split into 3 parts. The first two tracks are high pitched journeys through a windy tunnel of electronic hiss and are probably the most frightening tracks on the whole set. Bed wetters be warned! The third and final track is along the same lines as the first two but a little more cinematic and ambient. Kinda like a long walk down a condemned insane asylum hallway. Not that I would know what that's like...

DOWNLOAD: Wolf Eyes boxset Disc 2

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Soggy's Hard

Soggy is a long-lost (now found!) French rock group from the 1980s that is pretty identical to The Stooges, though with a much more metallic edge. The singer even looks like a cross between the shirtless, chest bleeding Iggy and the afro'd singer of MC5, Rob Tyner. And somewhere between these 2 bands you will find the sound of Soggy. Ok, so this isn't the most innovative rock ever pressed to wax, but watching the youtube clip posted below you'll realize that these guys are rockin' too hard to be written off so easily. The debt to Detroit rock is owed and paid back with a direct cover of I Wanna Be Your Dog. In fact, the debt is so obvious that the band has no choice but to cover The Stooges. All comparisons aside, the album is a punched-up hardrocker that should please all fans of classic metal, punk and garage rock.

The album is currently enjoying a deluxe vinyl pressing that you can get at Aquarius or from the French label that is re-issuing it, Memoire Neuve. The label did a fantastic job on this re-issue and gave it all the extras that make spending the $30+ worth it. It's a gatefold sleeve with the heavy vinyl in one pocket and a jumbo-size poster in the other. There is also an insert with a history of the band written in French, of course. My French is pretty weak but from what I gather they only released a 45 (this record appears to be a collection of recordings from 1980-82) and were supposed to open for Judas Priest on one of their early tours of France. The band broke up soon thereafter. This is the only current document of the band.


Download here

Thursday, June 12, 2008

When Wolf Eyes Attack!

Sick Buildings, The Rita and Wolf Eyes absolutely destroyed Pat's Pub this last Wednesday. Got a couple decent shots of the "bands", but a full review will be forthcoming in the next issue of that infernal rag known as The Discorder.

Sick Bulidings played a controlled set of noise that involved half a dozen rape-whistle blowers ( I was one of the few) who, while scattered across the room, let blow while Josh hurtled an army of pre-sampled rape whistles back at the crowd.

The Rita shook the brains of the crowd with his unique brand of wall-of-volcanic noise. I actually felt my eyeballs vibrating in my head as he played. We'll assume that it was the brute force of The Rita that caused the photo to blur and not my shaky hands.

Wolf Eyes played a 2 part set, the first being a 20 minute horrorscape and the second was the assualtive side of the group. Just before Wolf Eyes were about to finish, some kid from the crown, obviously on something, decided to try and top Wolf Eyes' set by stage diving into a crowd of people that had no intention of catching him, which, of course, they didn't. The idiot actually managed to knock himself unconscious. The whole thing played out like a scene from a bad comedy.

I picked up several items from the Wolf Eyes merch table and will be uploading the CDr's here next week. Wait for 'em...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Seven Songs

Apparently I have been tagged by a fellow blogger to post 7 songs of current love/fascination. The songs were chosen by going through the last 50-odd CD's that have gone through my player over the last few months, and then pulling out my favorite 7 CD's and, finally, picking the best song off of each disc. In no particular order...

The Clean-Platypus

The Clean were a rather late discovery for me, and the anthology that I picked up 9-10 months ago has not left the current rotation of CD's that I pick through when i'm not rippin' on the wheels of steel. This song gets stuck in my head for at least half a day every time I hear it.


I have a deep love for this little known Brooklyn via Lansing, Michigan band and their infectious brand of dream pop. Their sound, in a nutshell, is kinda' like that Belle and Sebastian song, Electronic Music, that's on their debut record, Tigermilk. Usually there is steady disco beat accompanied by a groovy bassline. The vocals are always dreamy and pillowy soft. Meanwhile the guitars are chiming away in the distant background. Supervitesse is the archetypal Mahogany song. Fall in love NOW.

Percee P-The Man To Praise

I have said it many times before but this time I really mean it: Percee P is the most underrated MC of all time. Of course, it doesn't help his plight that he didn't release a full length album until 20 years into his career. Said album is Perseverance and is also my second favorite hip hop record of 2007 after Dalek's Abandoned Language. The entire album was produced by Madlib and features some of his most varied production. The Man to Praise is the album highlight and also chronicles the storied history of Percee P's career. Anyone who needs a quick rundown on one of the best MC's to ever grace the mic should be pressing play up top.

Pussy Plays-The Open Ground

Amazing group from the late 60s that released only one album (i think? internet search doesn't pull up much except what you would expect when typing those words into google) of swirling psychedelia. Fans of Barrett era Pink Floyd gotta hear this. The CD remains out of print and the LP is a mere dream you'll never have. Download the whole thing here.

Susuma Yokota-Cherry Blossom

This is off Yokota's masterpiece The Grinning Cat, which is an amazing record of beautiful and hypnotic IDM. Just picked up the vinyl re-issue recently at Audiopile (Zulu can't seem to get this) and have been listening to it heavily...along with the CD version, which I play often on the ol' discman when I ride to work.

Sebadoh-Forced Love

Bubble and Scrape is soon to be re-issued (disclosure: this is by far my favorite Sebadoh album) and I put it on a few weeks ago to remind myself just how damn varied and amazing the record is. One of few Sebadoh albums where all members contribute equally. This isn't the best track on the album but it'll give you a general feel of the record. Also, i'll be in Chicago this summer to check out Sebadoh play the album in it's entirety, thus, furthering the re-infatuation.

King Crimson-Red

Red is not the best track off the best King Crimson record but it has been getting steady play here at casa del Richardson. I remember putting this album on for the first or second time, in a tired state, and I thought I had accidentally put on a Queens of the Stone Age album. Seriously, listen to the opening riff and tell me it doesn't sound exactly like some QOTSA riffage.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Music, Wasted (Friday-Saturday)

My God, what a hectic week this turned out to be. Went to 4 out of the 5 Music Waste nights and managed to catch about 20 different bands. I had to bail on Sunday night because I was too exhausted/hungover to go out 6 nights in a row (Iron Maiden was on the Tuesday night before the beginning of the fest). Besides, I had seen most of the bands playing Sunday night, and the ones I wanted to see are all playing the ER next weekend. Anyways, here's a quick rundown of the bands I managed to catch over Friday and Saturday.

Nu Sensae, who I have seen several times before, were in peak form. They always seemed a little shaky before and their singer lacked some confidence. Let me tell you that any stage fright she may have had before was no where to be seen on Friday. Her vocals were absolutely horrific but in the best way possible. Very reminiscent of Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland at her absolute nastiest, though musically it was pretty far from 90s riot-grrl. The duo of drums and bass was pretty bouncy and conducive to slam dancing, which, luckily, due to the odd and small layout of Hoko's, didn't happen.

Vapid, who I had yet to have seen, played a pretty mean set of aggressive post-punk influenced rock. Their singer, who dressed up like your drunk aunt ready to party, was howling in the crowd's face the entire night, leaning back and pausing only to howl some more. I had to leave this set after a half hour to head down to Pub 340...

Certain Breeds were quite the surprise, as I had heard very little about the band before seeing them perform. Their sound was, to say the least, pretty dark, but this was no straight up goth affair. Icy keyboards coupled with melancholic Cello helped their sound reach more interesting terrain than your typical Siouxsie rip off, of which there are plenty abound.

Ice Cream were next and they didn't disappoint either, not that there was much hype. The band has played very few shows to little fanfare over the last few months. 3 people sing in this band including the drummer, keyboardist and guitarist but only the keyboardist, who seemed like she wanted to break out and front the band, was struck by nerves and quietly delivered her few lines. The style was a good mix of female fronted post-punk, glam and disco, which their myspace clearly states. But, unlike most favorites on a band's myspace, Ice Cream's were actually right there in the music! And they did a damn good job with them! Fancy that.

Onomatapoeia rocked a set of heavy laptop beats fronted by his manic vocal attack and attempts to get the crowd rocking. In between songs he had to fend off his seemingly coked-out buddy who kept attacking him while he tried to set up the next track. Other than his cape-wearing friend, the crowd was a little too tame to indulge the singer in his antics. This sorta thing woulda' worked out a little better if everyone knew what they were in for. Note: to any kids who want to attempt this sort of act, the fuel is apparently cough syrup and Red Bull, among other illicit substances.

Jesse Taylor was up next and rocked a similar vibe, ie. dancing and shouting along to pre-programmed beats and trying to get the crowd riled up. My favorite quote was, "Let's get this place shut down, like Black Flag did in the 80s!" Good stuff but not nearly up to the usual standard of a Twin Crystals or CH 3x4 set.

After Jesse's set, I raced down to the Astoria to catch the last half of i/i's set, and, boy, am I glad I did. i/i turned out to be the best surprise of the whole fest, and they now enter into my list of favorite Vancouver bands. The vibe was similar to Bardo Pond (the electric violin makes it happen!) but more like if they were on a hit of speed rather than a bottle of cough syrup. The music was instrumental and pretty loose, even though they all did seem to be on the same path to frenzied nirvana.

White Owl played immediately after and were in top form, which was surprising considering that their drummer had just gotten back from a 2 month tour with Modern Creatures. Their new-ish bass player, Bianca, who also moonlights in The Riff Randells and Ice Cream, anchored the group and gave the crowd something to move to. Meanwhile, the wah attack of Brandon's guitar and the buzzsaw assault of Lindsay's (who is also the singer) guitar kept all the bro's heads-a-bangin'. The true muscle of the group is the Octopus-armed drummer, Mike, who gives all the tracks their thunderous, poly-rhythmic feel. Catch the White Owl kick off the second night of Geronimo!, which is a new night at Pub 340 every Wednesday.

Winning played to a thinning crowd (most people were heading over to 340) but nonetheless were fantastic. I had heard the record at work and didn't think much about it. This band is all about the live show. They play a brand of anti-rock in the vein of US Maple, the kind of rock that would have your average indie-rock fan clamoring for the door. These boys pulled it off quite well, I do say. Had to leave this one a little early to catch White Lung at 340.

These girls are really growing on me, and after their set opening for CPC Gangbangs and their headliner at Music Waste, they're proving to be one of Vancouver's finest DIY bands. The night was pretty blurry by this point so most detail is now lost to the night, but I highly recommend checking this band out before they a) break-up or b) become too big for their own good.
Thanks for all the memories, Music Waste, and we'll do it again next year!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Music Waste-Wednesday and Thursday

Here's a quick rundown (in descending order) of the bands I managed to catch on Wednesday and Thursday night.


This was the first time I've seen the B-Lines and did they ever manage to blow me away. The singer, Ryan, who I've known for about a year and is normally a pretty reserved dude, stalked the stage like an even more punk rock version of Calvin Johnson. Screaming into the mic, diving into the crowd, eyes rolling into the back of his head, Ryan was magnificent to watch. The music was pretty straight forward 3 chord punk, but on my bike ride home, I had one of their songs embedded in my brain. Can't wait to seem 'em again.

The Dead Ghosts put on a great set of garage rock that was almost embarrassingly similar to the Black Lips. They had the moves and the tunes down pat but the only thing missing was the debauchery of early Lips shows, though they did try to fall apart at the end of their set. Clint, the bass player in Dead Ghosts, actually opened for the Black Lips with his former band Ladies Night when they first came to Vancouver. The connection was so obvious on Thursday that the DJ followed their set by playing a Black Lips track. Still pretty good despite the derivative nature of the band.

Get Well Bomb played a decent set of Country Teasers-esque garage rock that would have went off a little better if the lead singer wasn't so drunk. But, hey, isn't that what this type of rock is s'posed to be about? I see good things in the future of this gang if they just tighten it up a bit.

Only caught the last 3 songs of the TVees but they weren't bad. Pretty tight, 50s rock inspired garage that had at least a half a dozen attendees buying their self-released CD.


Ejaculation Death Rattle lived up to the hype of their brief Wire review and delivered an odd set of disco-death jazz. This has to be seen to be believed.

V. Vecker, who I predicted to have a faulty set, dropped a serious load of hyped-up, one-man SunnO))) that would have been perfect if half his stack of amps hadn't faltered. Nonetheless, it was pretty awe-inspiring and one of the early highlights of Music Waste.

Perelisk: Keep it in the basement for now, kids.

Empty Love put on a great set of throbbing, cinematic drone that was fronted by a dream machine, which I had never actually seen in the flesh before. The fucker fell over after 5 minutes but was soon taped down by the helpful crowd. Staring into this thing with drone being played was pretty hallucinogenic, I must admit. Below is a photo I took of the dream machine and youtube clip of the dream machine in action.

note: you might want to turn down the lame music on this youtube clip. Also, this is an up close shot of one and doesn't nearly capture the same effect of a real dream machine.

*all photos courtesy of my own damn self*

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Music Waste 2008-->My Personal Picks

Music Waste is that one special time of year where I get to check out all the local bands that I haven't gotten around to seeing, or just peeping new groups that I haven't heard at all. This year there are a lot of familiar faces that I have caught over the last year or so, and a few that I have been meaning to see but never got around to. Below is a night by night rundown of the bands that I will be checking out and you should too. Music Waste is the only festival of mostly underground local acts that are almost always worth checking out. $15 gets you into at least 5 shows, plus all the venues are close together so you can hop around at your leisure. I will hopefully update the blog with pics and brief descriptions of the shows I take in. Ya'll come back now...

Well this is a no-brainer. There is only one event tonight and it's the Fake Jazz night at the Cobalt. Pretty excited to see V. Vecker (Keith, vocalist of Sex Negatives) perform a wall of drone. This may or may not go off as he plans, he seemed a little iffy on it when I spoke to him earlier in the week. Also excited to see Ejaculation Death Rattle, who are riding high off their brief write up and photo that appeared in this month's Wire magazine. I have also heard a bit about Perelisk, so i'm interested to see how that turns out. Should be one of the better MW nights and a better

This night will find me at Pub 340 peeping Dead Ghosts (former Ladies Night member) as they perform their gutter pop-garage. Their myspace has some pretty promising songs. The B-Lines are heading up the night and i'm interested to see what the former members of Fun 100 are up to. The other two bands that night, i'm not familiar with, but that's what Music Waste is all about.

Hoko's will find me getting down to the sounds of Vapid, who have released a fine 7" this year but i've yet to catch the group in action. Also playing is Nu Sensae, who I have caught before but am interested to see again. Once again, I have heard some great things about Stamina Mantis but haven't caught them in the flesh yet. Pink Noise I don't know a thing about. I have linked to their myspace but i'm not gonna listen to it. Gotta save myself a few surprises.

Most of Saturday I will be at the Astoria checking out i/i, The Barcelona Chair and the mighty return of White Owl, who are back in action after a few months off (their drummer was on tour in the US with Modern Creatures). White Owl, when they are ON, are quite a sight. Loud as fuck, all kinds of catchy, the meanest drummer in the city and a damn near danceable vibe usuallyall come together to create a potent cocktail. Don't miss out on this. After they exit the stage, I will be heading to Hoko's to catch Jesse Taylor (Twin Crystals, CH 3x4) and experimental voice artist Piper Davis, who should be easy on the eyes after a weekend of gristled, sweaty dudes.

Tonight is another no-brainer: Pub 340 with local faves Modern Creatures (just back from tour), Mutators (also just back from tour), Adjective (havent't seen yet) and Mattress? Last I heard, Mattress was from Portland, but maybe he has just recently moved here. Either way, this should be one of the better nights and a bit of a homecoming for Vancouver's finest noise-mongers.