Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Pop Drones is off the air for the rest of the month. Regular podcasts will begin first week of July.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 52 (Music Waste Edition)

Special episode of Pop Drones this week. Managed to gather up a stack of mp3s (thanks to all the bands who got back to me in time) of some of my favorite bands playing the Music Waste fest this year. The quality varies from proper studio recordings to live demos, so keep that in mind while listening. Plenty of talent here, in fact, I could have done three shows worth of Music Waste bands. Anyways, here's a taste of Waste...

Tight Solid "'Ment You Let Me Go"
Boy Voyage "High In The Trees"
Half Chinese "Goodbye, Farewell"
Brazilian Money "Doing What I Want"
Koban "Solid Gold"
Muscles "Brilliance Reverber"
Animal Bodies "Tomb Table Testimonies"
Soft Focus "Let It Go"
Cosmetics "Honey Honey"
Petroleum By-Product "TV Date"
Cat Attack "How I Came"
Phonecalls "My Lullaby"
Needles//Pins "Call It Quits"
Crystal Swells "Trees"
Timecopz "Out Of Sight"
Sex Church "Dead End"
B-Lines "Leaving/Dryer Fire"
Flash Palace "A Double Day"
Natural "Nine"
AHNA "Lost Again"
Fortress "Dead Bird"
Cowards "Magic Swede"
Angel Lust "Plagues"
Joyce Collingwood "untitled"
V. Vecker Ensemble "Movement 1: Red Gate"

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