Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Episode 100

Love Cuts "Lone Wolf" s/t 7" (Nominal) 2011
Grass Widow "Time Keeps Time" s/t 7" (HLR) 2011
Art Museums "Feel Like Time" s/t 7" (dulc-i-tone) 2011
Twerps "Mercurial Julia" s/t 7" (Group Tightener) 2011
Night Beats "A Night With Nefertiti" split w/UFO Club 10" (Reverberation Appreciation Society) 2011
Paperhead "He's Mirrored" s/t LP (Trouble In Mind) 2011
The Mediums "My, My, My" Shiny Void Blues (E.V.P / I.T.C Recordings) LP
Dope Body "Enemy Outta Me" Nupping LP (Hoss) 2011
Golden Staph "Dr. Tony" s/t LP (RIP Society) 2011
Naked On The Vague "Abstract Figures" s/t 7" (RIP Society) 2011
Cola Freaks "Kniven" s/t LP (Douchemaster) 2011
Human Eye "Junkyard Heart" They Came From The Sky LP (Sacred Bones) 2011
Cop City/Chill Pillars "Nobody Likes You" Held Hostage On Planet Chill LP (Florida's Dying) 2011
Womankind "Five" s/t 12" (Nominal) 2011
The Men "()" Leave Home LP (Sacred Bones) 2011
Heavy Chains "Tommy Toucher" A Very Real Hell 12" (The Broadway To Boundary) 2011
La Race "File-Moi 20 Boules" s/t 12" (213/Label Brique/Piou Piou, Et Mon Cul C'Est Du Tofu/Pouet! Schallplatten) 2011
Shearing Pinx "Rituals Of Life" Rituals LP (Isolated Now Waves) 2011
Shearing Pinx "Trip Gamma" Night Danger LP (Divorce) 2011
Basketball "Andika" Maw LP (Broadway To Boundary) 2011

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Episode 99

Grass Widow "Milo Minute" s/t 7" (HLR) 2011
Twerps "Anything New" s/t 7" (Group Tightener) 2011
Art Museums "S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G." s/t 7" (Dulc-i-tone) 2011
X-Ray Eyeballs "Po' Jam" Not Nothing LP (Hozac) 2011
The Whines "Shootinhead" s/t 7" (Mt. St. Mtn) 2011
Ty Segall "Falling Hair" s/t 7" (Drag City) 2011
Real Numbers "Pinckney St." s/t 7" (Florida's Dying) 2011
Korean Gut "If You Want" s/t 7" (Mammoth Cave Recording Co.) 2011
Nu Sensae "Eat Your Mind" split w/White Lung 7" (Nominal/Deranged) 2011
Ultrathin "Don't Mess" s/t 7" (Badmaster) 2011
The Men "Think" Leave Home LP (Sacred Bones) 2011
Black Pus "Butterfly Cave" Primordial Pus LP (Load) 2011
Naked On The Vague "Reflections Of Strangeness" s/t 7" (RIP Society) 2011
Hygiene "A Desirable Place To Live" Public Sector LP (La Vida Es Un Mus) 2011
Wet Hair "Radiant Lines" s/t 7" w/art booklet (Not Not Fun) 2011
Umberto "Put An APB On Those Bastards" Freeze! 7" (Not Not Fun)
Xander Harris "Hunting" Urban Gothic LP (Not Not Fun) 2011
Ford & Lopatin "Surrender" Channel Pressure LP (Mexican Summer) 2011
High Wolf "Free Your Energy Field" A Guide To Healing 7" (Bathetic) 2011
La Big Vic "Heyo (Silver Morning)" Actually LP (Underwater Peoples) 2011
Mark McGuire & Trouble Books "Floating Through Summer" s/t LP (Bark & Hiss/Wagon) 2011

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Episode 98: Music Waste Edition

Same as last year, Pop Drones presents an entire episode dedicated to the Music Waste Festival. A lot of these tracks here are demos that have never been released on a physical format and have been taken from Soundclouds, Bandcamps and Myspaces, so be prepared for some of them to be on the rougher side.

Chains Of Love "You Got It"
The Godspot "At War In Pieces"
Peace "Quite Frankly"
Koban "Solid Gold"
Phonecalls "Tell Her No"
Yung Mums "Thru With U"
Korean Gut "Your Misery Our Benefit"
Bertha Cool "Sex Witch"
Womankind "Fang Fang"
Cowards "Together To Stop The Cake"
The New Values "Be Your Boy"
Chef Wigwam "CTC 101"
Harsh Words "Everything's Such A Mess"
Enjoy "Enjoying The Day"
Fuji Hakayito "Syliva Plath Pool Party"
Babysitter "Nineteen Sixty Nineties"
Bad Fate "Strathcona"
Keep Tidy "Kill Whitey"
Sutures "I Think You're Being Fucked By A Ghost"
Zoo "Bathhouse"
Tassels "Alternating Current Direct Current"
Robert Anton Pizza "Sleep Over"
Ghibli "Hollywood Snow"
Mass Marriage "So What"

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