Friday, February 20, 2009

Hip-Hop Fridays: Kam-Neva' Again (1993)

An affilliate of Ice Cube and his Lench Mob, Kam dropped "Neva' Again" to quiet acclaim after the ashes of LA's '92 riots had settled. Indeed, times were changing in hip-hop and it wasn't towards this angry and aggressive side of the genre either. Thus, "Neva Again" was left to the wayside and quietly disappeared. It's too bad that his brother in Ice Cube was able to hit paydirt with his just-as-angry masterwork (in my opinion) "The Predator" just a year earlier. Amazing what a year can do. Anyways, fans of "The Predator" will find be able to dwell in the dark-funk mire of "Neva' Again" as both feature the same style of relentless and hard-driving funk samples used to reflect the anger of a bruised and battered LA. Hell, both albums even share the same sample by The Moments (see mp3s posted below), though they are different sections of the same song.

Not much else to get into with this album, though, of course, it comes highly recommended.

Kam "Drama"

Kam "Still Got Love 4 Um"

Ice Cube "Today Was A Good Day"

Dr. Dooom "Welfare Love" (threw this on because it uses the same sample as the above's also one of the funniest Kool Keith tracks ever).

And, of course, the original by The Moments


Download Kam "Neva' Again" here.


junior said...

I believe that Kam and Ice Cube are cousins. He sort of disappeared for a while--but he's part of the Snoop Dogg backed group The Warzone. It also features MC Eiht (of Compton's Most Wanted) and Goldie Loc (of Tha Eastsidaz). Should be dope.

Thanks for the link.

Unknown said...

thank-you! don't stop the education.