Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Episode 116

Fat History Month "Heart Takes A Beating" A Gorilla 7" (Sweaters & Pearls) 2011
Boomgates "Nothing" Layman's Terms 7" (Smart Guy) 2011
Eddy Current Suppresion Ring "I Admit My Faults" Walking In Unison 12" (Captcha) 2011
Rank/Xerox "Cave Dweller" s/t LP (Make A Mess) 2011
Rayon Beach "Death Rides A Horse" s/t 7" (Plastic Spoon) 2011
Hot & Cold "Uighur Pop" Conclusion/Introduction CS (Night People) 2011
The Spits "Tomorrow's Children" V LP (In The Red) 2011
Total Control "For Lease" split w/Thee Oh Sees 12" (Castleface) 2011
Balaclavas "Down & Loose" Snake People LP (Dull Knife) 2011
Mordecai "Boulder" s/t LP (Killertree) 2011
Woollen Kits "Out Of Town" Maths 7" (RIP Society) 2011
Heavy Times "Future City" Jacker LP (Hozac) 2011
Pop. 1280 "Thirteen Steps" s/t 7" (Blind Prophet) 2011
Men At Adventure "Ballad" s/t 7" (Storyboard) 2011
Acid Baby Jesus "Android Robot" s/t LP (Slovenly) 2011
Psychic Blood "Strain" s/t digital 7" (self released) 2011
J.C. Satan "Heil Mary" Death Samba LP (Slovenly) 2011
Metz "Wet Blanket" demo, mp3 (bandcamp) 2011
Mouthbreathers "Anxiety" s/t 7" (In The Red) 2011
Cop Warmth "Venus Fly Snatch" s/t 7" (In The Red) 2011
Shoppers "VII" Silver Year LP (Feeble Minds) 2011
Thee Oh Sees "Robber Barons" Carrion/The Crawler LP (In The Red) 2011
US Girls "Friendlies, Pamela, GG" US Girls On Kraak LP (Kraak) 2011

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ben said...

what's playing right at the start of this episode? before fat history month? sounds like talking heads on mushies. thanks for any info! great blog

Mark E. Rich said...

thats a track from the new grace jones album. its the last track off the show before mine called Suburban Jungle.