Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Greatest Song Evar! 2

Just watched Pineapple Express, and, in the early scene where Seth Rogen's character visits his weed dealer, played by James Franco, this song played in the background. I had forgotten how completely amazing this track is. Thee definitive Moondog track, in my opinion. A whimsical and lilting little jazz ditty that I can play over and over without growing sick of it. If this is your intro to Moondog then it's a fine way to get into the Viking of 6th Ave.

Apologies for the lack of posts. I have been working on a rather long uber-post on Six Finger Satellite, the October tape review and a contribution to Post Rocktoberfest.
Many posts soon...


Anonymous said...

Yes! to that Moondog track! They use it in 'Pineapple Express'?

Bjorn Olson said...

Great track indeed, later to be reconfigured by Mr. Scruff.

Anonymous said...

i was always more of a "witch of endor" man myself. 'tis a killer track. i watched "the big lebowski" recently, and "..endor" is used briefly in that film, which is kind of weird, but not nearly as weird as the 'Dog turning up in that piece of shit "pineapple express" flick.

i want an epic post on the NZ/flying nun scene. do it.

Mark E. Rich said...

ahhh yes! Witch of Endor is a mighty fine track, just not nearly as superb as Lament. And don't be so hard on Pineapple Express, its a fuckin stoner comedy fer crissakes. Not sure what you were expecting. It sure kept my green mind laughing. Though it is very weird that it was in the movie AND on the soundtrack.

As for an uber post on the NZ scene--I need more fuel for that one. I actually have a very small amount of that stuff so far. Gimme a year or two.

Mark E. Rich said...


Had no idea this was remixed by Scruff. And how the fuck do you know that? Never figured you as a ninja tune lovin' downtempo expert.

Bjorn Olson said...

Know all. See all.
Never let them see you sweat.

It's called "Get a Move On" from the Keep it Unreal album.