Saturday, May 9, 2009

Robe And Allied Last Show Ever! or How I Learned To Hate Ian Gregory James and His Destruction Of Vancouver's Best Band

Yup. That. Is. It. Robe and Allied are to play their last show ever tonight at the Astoria. Over their brief time in Vancouver, the trio had become not just one of the best bands running in this city, but one of my favorite bands currently playing music...anywhere. The trio had tapped into some influences that were not easily discernible, though names like June Of '44, Steve Albini, Slint, and the Louisville, KY scene in the early 90's were decent starts. The group, however, managed to tap into the primal energies of these groups and distilled a much more simplified yet wholly powerful force from them. Do not miss this show.

Where: The Astoria

When: 10pm. May 9th.

Why: Read the above.

Womankind will be opening up. Another potent new band that will hopefully last longer than R&A.

Check some video/sounds here and here

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