Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Batch Of Captured Tracks

Yowza! It looks as if Captured Tracks is the label to beat this year. With 10 smash hits under their belt already, they've just dropped another 7 new burning hunks o' plastic. Figure I might as well keep the regular readers updated on this label as it's pretty much the best thing goin' right now.

Don't have the time to do a run down on everything, but here are a few I'm excited about...

First up is the debut 7" by Toronto's Little Girls, which features both the 'Venom' and 'Youth Tunes' tracks that I've been playing on their myspace non-stop since I heard 'em. I gotta say it's about time that Toronto has picked up the slack though, because Vancouver here is sick of holding down the fort for decent Canadian underground bands. The Bitters, also of Toronto, were the first out of the gates with their amazing "cave pop" 12" that came out in the initial batch o' Captured Tracks releases. Check their myspaces and get into it, kiddies.

Next up is the debut 7" by Roman Soldiers, which is a collaborative effort between kindred spirits Gary War and Blank Dogs. The results are an even woozier and darker affair than you'd think. Two songs up on their myspace right now, but I'm not sure if these will be on the upcoming 7". Very exciting stuff, either way.

These guys didn't really do a lot for me at first, but after several listens to The Beets' full length LP (also on Captured Tracks, duh) their lite garage pop has sunk it's teeth in and refuses to budge. The 7", I'm sure, will be a continuation of their vibe. Bring on the summer!

Ok, one last one to hype up here. The German Measles will also have their debut cassette release on CT, and, after a few spins on the old myspace, they sound like they should be a great addition. The gist here is a group o' kids doin' early rock and roll but givin' it a little ol' dash of dumb. Check this WFMU page for some live action.

The rest of the batch contains a new 7"er by punk deconstrunctionists Der TPK, a 7" by Kid Romance, and a spankin' fresh new jam by Mr. Blank Dogs himself.

First 300 to order the new batch get a T-shirt, a CDR mix of CT bands, and a bonus cassette that comes with the Kid Romance 7". What the hell are you waiting for?

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