Friday, May 15, 2009

Hip-Hop Fridays: Krown Rulers "Paper Chase" (1988)

Made up of DJ Royal Rocker and MC Grand-Pubah (not the one of Brand Nubian fame), this duo sprang from the legendary late 80's posse Tuff Crew, and "Paper Chase" is their debut. Well, it may as well have been their lone album, but the duo decided to get back together in 1997 to release the dismal "Back On The Throne". It's no matter because "Paper Chase" is a classic of old school late 80s hip-hop, and their status remains no less damaged for it. The production on this is exactly what you'd expect from a hip-hop album from 1988--booming drum machines, short samples from classic R&B, soul, and funk tracks, and some bragadaccio lyrics. Some of the production here is courtesy of Ced Gee, who was also doing time in the ultra-influential Ultramagnetic MCs. The rhyming here is actually top notch, and I would have to say, at least speed-wise, Grand-Pubah was up there with the almighty Rakim.

Anyone out there who loves that classic minimal hip-hop vibe is recommended to peep this record.

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For your own analysis, download "Paper Chase" here.

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