Friday, May 29, 2009

Hip-Hop Fridays: Polyrhythm Addicts "Rhyme Related" (1999)

Continuing on with the goodtime summer hip-hop albums, the debut by Polyrhythm Addicts definitely ranks pretty high in that category. Comprised of 3 MCs--Shabaam Sahdeeq, Mr. Complex, and Apani B. Fly, and producer DJ Spinna, the crew came together after guesting seperately on other hip-hop albums. I'm feeling a little lazy, so I'll let Allmusic describe the MC's styles...

"Each of Polyrhythm's emcees brings different styles, but nevertheless mesh them cohesively to fit a group environment. Shabaam is your quintessential NY battlerapper, full of confidence and skills. Mr. Complex switches personalities and flows mid-verse, and his witty repartee's add another dimension to the groups diverse chemistry. Apani B is the X-factor, a polished female emcee who hands out lyrical beatdowns. Her flavor speaks volumes, as her verses are devoid of sexual overtones, or the materialistic references many of her fellow female counterparts partake in."

The standout in the group, however, is DJ Spinna's dense production. After doing dozens of remixes prior to signing up with the Polyrhythm Addicts, DJ Spinna seemed to save all his best work for "Rhyme Related". The album would've fit nicely along side Tribe's "Midnight Marauders" back in 1993, and almost seemed out of place back in 1999. Another great aspect of the album is it's brevity: 10 tracks (9 if you exclude a brief intro) in about a half hour. Far from the bloated, 80 minutes albums that were popping up everywhere.

The group is apparently back together, though they replaced Apani B. Fly with, yup, a different female MC. You can check their myspace to hear a few dismal tracks. Well, at least we'll always have "Rhyme Related".

Great interview with Mr. Complex here.

Interesing info on Apani B. Fly on her Wikipedia page.

And a great interview with her here.

Best track: 'Big Phat Boom'

Check Shabaam Sahdeeq's finest moment with Arabian Knights on "The Soundbombing" comp.

Apani B.'s excellent duo with Doom.

"Rhyme Related" comes with my highest recommendation possible. It's long out of print and hard to come by used. Snatch it up, people.

Download "Rhyme Related" here.

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DJ Bozo said...

Rhyme Related is definitely one of those albums you could blast on a mid-summer's night. It's amazing just how well the album fits together, and the length is perfect.