Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pop Drones Episode 2

Plenty of killer new jams this week, including the Golden Triangle spin-off X-Ray Eyeballs, which is probably my favorite new cassette out of the last batch that dropped from Night People. Also some new Teepee action, which is quite different from the punk-styled jams we've come to know and love. The re-issue of the Beth Murphy (Times New Viking) and Ron Enbom (Eat Skull) collaboration, dubbed Hole Class, has been getting plenty of spins and I'll probably be playing some more jams off that next week. Did a bit of a spotlight on Philadelphia's Richie Records, who just released the top notch new Kurt Vile 12", which, I have to mention, is now out of print from the source. Keep your eyes glued to the small distros out there, as they'll be the only ones with copies left. I wouldn't wait too long either, the Kurt Vile LP that Mexican Summer recently released has been going for an average of $60 on you-know-where. In the meantime, however, you can still snatch up the Woodsist re-issue of Constant Hitmaker.

This week's show was opened up with the album opener off of Grouper's wildly acclaimed LP from last year, and, like I mentioned on the show, she will be making an in-store appearance at Zulu Records this coming Sunday (the 24th) at 3:30PM. Should be a nice intimate performance, which will be hard to guarantee at a sold-out show at the Commodore where most of the people in attendance will be wetting themselves for the headliner, whoever that is...

Podcasting for the show should definitely be set up for next week. So, until then...

Grouper "Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping" Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill LP (Type) 2008
Teepee "Satisfied" Woodnoise CS (Self Released) 2009
Jackson Vanhorn "Grey " s/t CS (Jerkwave) 2009
X-Ray Eyeballs "Fake Wedding" s/t CS (Night People) 2009
Hole Class "Wrong Mirror" s/t LP (Meds) 2009
Eat Skull "Double Wasted" split w/ Ganglians 7" (Dulcitone) 2009
Eat Skull "Leave The Universe" split w/ Ganglians 7" (Dulcitone) 2009
Watery Love "All Night Long" Debut 45 7" (Richie Records) 2009
Clockcleaner "Early Man" Frogrammer 7" (Richie Records)
Kurt Vile "Good Lookin' Out" Hunchback EP 12" (Richie Records) 2009
Pocahuanted "Veil" Passage LP (Troubleman Unlimited) 2009
Sun Araw "Hey Mandala!" split w/ Predator Vision (Not Not Fun) 2009
Emeralds "Quaking Mess" Solar Bridge LP (Hanson) 2009 LP re-issue
BT. HN. "Valastro" Valastro CS (Cipher Productions) 2009

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