Friday, May 8, 2009

Hip-Hop Fridays: A Visual Histroy Of Rap

Instead of an album upload this week, I've decided to link to this amazing poster that illustrates the faces that shaped hip-hop. A copy of the poster was sent into Zulu late last year and I took it home but have yet to find a suitable spot for it. After stashing it away with the intent of finding a spot for it, I came across it the other day and figured I would pass along some info on this amazing piece. Now, not only are their detailed images of everyone from Cab Calloway to Edan, the back of the poster also has brief write-ups on everyone and their contributions to rap. You pretty much have to buy two copies to justify hanging it up. The poster was actually drawn up by Toronto native Kagan McLeod, and he's garnered much attention for the piece.

Check these two interviews here and here for more info.

Buy it here.

Click the pic at the top of the posting for greater detail.

Check Kagan McLeod's own website here.

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