Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pop Drones: Episode 3

Third show in and probably the least amount of nerves/dead air so far. Highlights include some of my favorite tracks from the second batch of Captured Tracks material (seriously can't get enough of The Bitters' 'Warrior'), my favorite track from the new Modern Creatures LP (front runner for my favorite local release in 2009), some nice jams from the last batch of Sacred Bones 7"s (Pink Noise...keep it comin'), and an excellent track from the Cometa Fever one-sided 12". Anyone who tuned in and thought they heard the Jesus and Mary Chain probably caught that Cometa Fever track. Thanks to the always amazing Mimaroglu site I snatched up one of the 112 copies that What The...? Records pressed of the Berlin via Italian male/female duo. Check the myspace link below to get an earful. I also jammed a track off the Fresh and Onlys debut LP, which just about has to be my favorite release of any genre from 2009. Locals should try Scratch or Dandelion to get a copy, or you will probably be able to nab from the band when they play Pat's Pub June 21st with thee mighty Sex Church. The next night they'll apparently be backing up Rodriguez when he plays Richards. That's it for this week...

The Bitters "Warrior" Wooden Glove 12" (Captured Tracks) 2009
Mayfair Set "Already Warm" s/t 7" (Captured Tracks) 2009
Fresh And Onlys "Peacock And Wing" s/t LP (Castleface) 2009
X-Ray Eyeballs "Four" s/t CS (Night People) 2009
Golden Triangle "Prizefighter" s/t LP (Mexican Summer) 2009
Love Tan "This Land Is No Good" s/t 7" (Sweet Rot) 2008
Modern Creatures "Becoming A Lizard" s/t LP (Grotesque Modern) 2009
Cometa Fever "Crash" Dead Light one-sided 12" (What The...?) 2009
Real Estate "Suburban Beverage" s/t 7" (Underwater Peoples) 2009
Pink Noise "Gold Light" s/t 7" (Sacred Bones) 2009
Ganglians "Lost Words" split w/Eat Skull 7" (Dulcitone) 2009
Hunches "Ate My Teeth" Exit Dreams LP (In The Red) 2009
Hole Class "Mansions" s/t LP (Meds) 2009 re-issue from 2006
The Intelligence "Moody Tower" Fake Surfers LP (In The Red) 2009
Shearing Pinx 7 tracks off of Ruinator CS (Critiscum Internationale) 2009
Mountains "Choral" Choral (Thrill Jockey) 2009
Belong "Same Places (Slow Version)" Same Places (Slow Version) one-sided 12" (Table of the Elements) 2008

Pop Drones is on CiTR every Wednesday from 10:00 Am to 11:30. Podcast from this week's episode should be ready for tomorrow.

OK. Finally figured out this podcasting thing.
Listen to the show here.
Check here each week for the new episode.


Bjorn said...

Yo man, I'm totally happy for you that you've got a radio show going. It's a lot of fun innit? Digging the Fresh and Onlys too.

Jason said...

Love the glad I can catch it in Brooklyn. Congrads man, sounds great, I'll be looking forward to the shows every week.
Can I subscribe with itunes?

Mark E. Rich said...

The radio show is awesome. thanks for the support, guys. Glad yr lovin the Fresh and Onlys. Even your cold heart can;t help but be melted, bjorn