Friday, November 28, 2008

Introducing Hip Hop Fridays YALL SO STUPID "Van Full Of Pakistans"

In an effort to blog more about hip hop, I'm introducing Hip Hop Fridays. I'll be posting one out of print hip hop album every Friday (hopefully), with each coming with a brief write up and maybe a youtube post or two. Hopefully this will enlighten a few readers who may not have heard of some of the upcoming unsung albums, or maybe just drop a hard to find nugget for all the heads.

One year before Outkast made Atlanta a hip hop hot spot, Yall So Stupid dropped their underground classic, "Van Full Of Pakistans". "Pakistans" dropped in 1993 and features a lot of the playfulness and naivety of the late 80s/early 90s hip hop scene, which would soon be replaced by rampant gangsterism. Though there is a heavy lean towards humor, the foursome still manage to touch up on issues plaguing Atlanta and hip hop in general.

Most of the samples are taken from lesser known soul tracks, but there is a healthy dash of jazz, natch. The drums in the title track are taken from the Honeydrippers' classic, "Impeach The President", while James Brown's "The Grunt" rounds out the rest of the track.

Overall, "Van Full Of Pakistans" is a fun listen and a great reminder that there are tons of gems that still need to be unearthed. There will be plenty more to come via the Expressway. The next few posts should have more information and longer write ups, too. Stay tuned


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Anonymous said...

This is definitely an underground classic. Nice find.