Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A.H. Kraken w/Sex Negatives and Love Tan

Sex Negatives opened the night up and ripped into a set of start-stop grind 'n' skronk that came off much better than some previous sets I've seen. As mentioned here, Sex Negatives really can be hit or miss, though, for me, they usually do hit. I thought they hit it that night as well. Also nabbed a new cassette of their's released on Justin's Cassette Or Die label. Limited to 50 copies! Get it while it lasts...

Love Tan, who've released one of my favorite 7"s of the year, played a decent set of heavy Jon Spencer-style garage blues, but funneled it through the lens of an amphetamine-addled Mark E. Smith. The duo were entertaining and, for the most part, pretty tight, but they played much too long, well, for my liking at least. Could've done with a half hour set rather than the almost hour long one they performed. Rippin' cover of Lennon's I Found Out, though. Coulda' been a perfect ender to the show. Next time...

A.H. Kraken shot out and exceeded all expectations. Their recordings have usually leaned pretty heavily towards bare bones, blown out garage-punk, but they came out with a tightly wound set of--yeesh--post-hardcore?! Inebreation had definitely set in by this point (it was about 3am when they got on), so the minor details are a bit fuzzy. It was not quite what I expected, but much better than anticipated. Managed to scoop up an LP copy of the bass player's other band, The Feeling Of Love, which has a twangy Intelligence vibe to it. Pretty fucking good, in other words.

Sex Church were supposed to play last, but I'm not sure they were able to get on. Anyone stay long enough to find out?

The above photos are courtesy of moi. For some professional shots, visit here and here.

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