Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wet Hair w/ Peaking Lights, Temptation and Aerosol Constellations--Thursday, Dec 4, 2008@The Sweatshop

This year's announcement of the demise of Raccoo-oo-oon was definitely a bummer. The group seemed to be getting mentioned in all the right places, and each album was better than the preceding one. Fortunately they have their last statement pressed to 2xLP vinyl (courtesy of Not Not Fun) and CD (courtesy of Release The Bats). Wet Hair features ex-Raccoo-oo-oon members, Ryan Garbes and Shawn Reed, who, outside of Wet Hair, also run the Night People label and are the central figures in the expanding Iowa City noise underground. The pair have even put on shows for touring Vancouver bands like Modern Creatures and Mutators, but have also housed dozens and dozens of other like-minded bands who make the trek to unsuspecting Iowa City. Everyone has had something great to say about them.It seems as if Vancouver will get it's first taste of Iowa City noise this Thursday and, I assure you, this is not to be missed.

Peaking Lights (featuring a member of Rahdunes) of Spring Green, California, who, after listening to some tracks on their myspace, seem to have a drone-pop or a Cluster/Eno vibe--but with vocals!--are tagging along. Temptation from San Francisco round out the bill with their damaged space-synth sound. Their myspace and homepage look and sound pretty promising. Aerosol Constellations round out the bill.

Assuming they can bring it across the border, this show should be packed with merch. Night People, particularly Shawn Reed, have put out quite a few tapes, LP's and t-shirts over the last few months--most of it silkscreened and handmade. Bring some extra funds to this one, folks.

I'm putting this show pretty high on the hype-o-meter. So, you can go to the show or merely read about it here a few days later. Your choice.

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