Friday, December 19, 2008

Hip Hop Fridays: Saturday Hangover Edition--The Coup "Kill My Landlord" (1993)

Doing this one on my lunch break, so we're gonna have to make it quick.

Posted below is a download of the first album by The Coup, which was release in 1993 on the formidable Wild Pitch record label. The group was a three piece at the time but have since shrunk to a duo, consisting of Boots Riley (on the far left) and Pam The Funkstress. E-Roc would leave the group after their second album, Gin and Genocide. The debut is actually a little better than the last two highly profiled and well regarded records. I managed to snag this from Reckless Records in Chicago for a decent price, though the album has been seen to go for a small fortune on ebay. Anyways, I noticed a sample on a track called Funk that was taken from Superstar by The Overton Barry Ensemble. I recognized the track instantly because it was used in an old skate video that my friends and I watched to death--Toy Machine's Welcome To Hell. I had long forgotten about the track but after hearing the sample I just had to find it. Below is a YouTube video of the TOBE track which, even if your not a big hip hop fan but have read this far, must be heard. I highly recommend you take the three minutes out to peep it. You won't be disappointed. Also below is the video for Funk and the above mentioned segment from the Welcome To Hell skate video.


The Overton Barry Ensemble "Superstar"

Welcome To Hell Satva Leung section

The Coup "Funk"


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