Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Zulu/Discorder Top 10 of the Year

In no particular order, here is my top 10 of the year as seen on the back of this month's Discorder. This is not the definitive year end list for me. The nerdier lists will be dropping in the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can nab some of these titles at Zulu and get 10% off the price. Unfortunately, a bunch of these appear to be out of print or were never distributed through Zulu. I encourage you to seek out the ones you can.

The Hospitals "Hairdryer Peace" LP (self-released) Out of Print

Lazy Smoke "Corridor Of Faces" CD reissue (Arf!Arf!)

Daniel Menche "Body Melt" LP (Important) Out Of Print

Onra "Chinoiseries" CD/2xLP (Label Rouge Productions)

Thee Oh Sees "The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In" CD/LP (Castle Face/Tomlab) CD only, LP is near impossible to find. Try Aquarius Records.

Wavves "s/t" CS/LP (Woodsist) I will have wholesale LP's of this available by the end of the year. Contact me for more info.

Sutcliffe Jugend/Prurient "End Of Autumn" 2xLP (Troubleman Unlimited) This hasn't come back into the shop since it first arrived. This may be out of print or very close. 800 copies pressed. Try here. Snag it here free via New Noise.

Nu Sensae "s/t" One Sided LP (Isolated Now Waves) Available at the shop and any other decent record shop in town. The band will also be selling some at shows. But you better get it quick, this sucker is almost done and the band will be on a brief hiatus at the beginning of the year.

Magic Lantern "s/t" LP (Woodsist) and "High Beams" LP (Not Not Fun) Long gone from Zulu, but I have multiple copies of both. Contact me for more info.

Twin Crystals "Two Girls" 7 Inch (Summer Lovers Unlimited) Should be available all over town, including from the band. There is also copies of a brand new full length LP out there somewhere. Jeremiah was expecting them last week, so here's hoping they've landed.


Bjorn said...

Are these your ten favourite records or ten most obscure obscurities?

Mark E. Rich said...

I honestly love every one of those records and played them many times throughout the year. They are not put up there just to confound you.

You think those are obscure? Just wait for my top 10 records you didn't hear list.

Bjorn said...

I don't doubt your sincerity, but why would you list a bunch of out-of-print records no one can buy for your Zulu Top 10? Where's Portishead's Third which you raved about early in the year?

Mark E. Rich said...

My reasoning is to get some cusotmers to think outside of the Zulu/"indie" mindset. I distinctly remember reading the Discorder top 10 many years ago and being confounded by the list of albums I had never heard of. My mission was always to seek out these strange sounding albums and see for myself what they were all about. Some were impossible to find, some were found easily. Anyone with half a brain and the internet can seek out pretty much all of the albums on my list.

Also, I tried to cover all the bases with the list, ie. a hip hop album (Onra), garage/rock (Thee Oh Sees, which, by the way, is still sitting waaay too low on yr year end list), local (Twin Crystals, Nu Sensae), noise (Sutcliffe Jugend/Prurient), psych (magic Lantern), drone (Daniel Menche) a reissue (Lazy Smoke) and also to hype something up for next year (Wavves).

There were several others that had Portishead on their list and I didn't feel the need to push an album that was one of our biggest sellers. Besides, we played the fucking shit (and still are) out of that album and I really need to distance myself from it to help preserve it for future listening. I havent even had to put on the deluxe edition I raved about earlier this year because we listened to the fucker so much.

Other albums that made other lists that I also immensely enjoyed, and which we stock:

Valet "Naked Acid"
Blank Dogs "On Both Sides"
Sic Alps "US EZ"
Grouper "Dragging A Dead Dear Up A Hill"
Flying Lotus "LA"
Atlas Sound "Let The..."
Fennesz "Black Sea"
No Age "Nouns"
Times New Viking "Rip It Off"
Beach House "Devotion"
US Girls "Introducing"

Now, I don't see much of a point in putting these albums (many of them already overhyped and listed to death) on my list, especially when other staff are already putting them on.

Besides, there was only one album that we NEVER got into the shop that I put on my list--The Hospitals album. All the others we either stock, stocked (only two of them haven't come back into the shop) or will be getting copies of early next year (ie. Wavves).

Clear things up for ya'?

Bjorn said...

It does indeed, thanks.

Mark E. Rich said...

What?! No more challenges??

Bjorn said...

I don't always argue for the sake of arguing.

pinto said...

I recently got "Hairdryer Peace" myself and I love it. Would you happen to have any of their other albums you could post?

Mark E. Rich said...


I don't normally do requests, but since you've linked to my blog and are running an amazing one yrself, how can I say no? Consider them posted this week.

Thanks for re-upping those SFS rarities. Richard Pelletier contacted me and kindly asked me to remove them. He may do the same to you.

Also, awesome Crunt upload! I've been a BIG Babes In Toyland fan for a long time and have yet to come across that album. Thanks!

Mark E. Rich said...


I'm sure we'll get down to it a little more when I start posting the rest of my lists. Should be up in a week or two...

Until then, I await yours

pinto said...

Thanks, I normally wouldn't ask but I've been listening to "Hairdryer Peace" non-stop lately and their other albums seem hard to come by. Let me know if there's anything you're looking for and maybe I could return the favor. Also thanks for introducing me to Wavves. Another fantastic band.

Biggie Samuels said...

Hairdryer Peace is number three in The Wire magazine's 2008 top ten!

Mark E. Rich said...

As it should be! I am actually really surprised that it was noticed waaay over on the other side of the pond. I suppose the non-stop murmuring in the underground has helped this record reach farther than initially intended. See the comments box in the recent Hospitals CD uploads entry for more in depth discussion on the album.