Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Greatest Song Evar! 3

I have been binging on Sun Ra as of late, and I keep coming across different versions of Satellites Are Spinning, which was somewhat of a staple in Sun Ra live sets. Sometimes they only worked the chorus into the end or beginning of an improv jam and other times they would perform the usually three and half minute song on it's own. Below are several different versions that I've upped to the blog for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Sun Ra "We Sing This Song" (Taken From Spaceways)

Sun Ra "Satellites Are Spinning" (Taken From Space is the Place Soundtrack)

Sun Ra "Calling Planet Earth" (Taken From Calling Planet Earth)

Sun Ra "Satellites Are Spinning" (Taken From The Solar Myth Approach Vol. 1)


not.robb said...

Mmmm.. Sun Ra. Thanks for the versions. Have you seen the movie Space is the Place? It's out of control.

Mark E. Rich said...

you know, I still haven't seen Space is the Place. Must seek it out tonight!

amir said...

sweet post.

just a heads up, there are a bunch of sealed sun ra lps at audiopile for dirt cheap.

Mark E. Rich said...

ten bucks for a Sun Ra LP is pretty good for Canada. They get Sun Ra records that Zulu can't! they are thee source right now