Sunday, November 16, 2008

It Was Fun While It Lasted

The local media finally noticed that A&B Sound has gone completely under. Here is the brief article from the Vancouver Sun yesterday. Also, here is a real cute timeline of the chain. They somehow missed the date I was hired.

**the photo above is of the Seymour location. I worked the same day of that Falun Dafa protest. Good times...


golf said...

That doesn't appear to be a Falun Dafa protest. They have a large communist flag there, their banners are all red, and they say "warm welcome." Perhaps a cadre from the mainland was visiting, and a local apparatchik organised a crowd to say hello.

On the subject of Falun Dafa though (or, its persecution), you might want to take a look at this long and disturbing article in the Weekly Standard, printed recently:

Mark E. Rich said...

Hmmmmm. I distinctly remember hearing that that was a protest. Seems odd that they would gather in front of an A&B Sound for six hours just to welcome someone. Either way, it was a weird day.

A. Sabla said...

Pretty sure it was a protest too. I was working that day. Oh, and good riddance... to Seanix, that is. A&B died a death some time ago.

Piratina said...

It was totally a protest, some asian dude was coming to town or something like that and people were unimpressed. And it was because of the school across the street.
I remember that day well.

Good riddence to bad rubbish anyways.
At least there were some decent people there when I was.

Yessica said...

I shall lovingly remember A&B as it was, when I was there, and because I never set foot in that place after it turned into a castrated version of itself courtesy of Seanix.

And of course it gave me some great lasting friendships.
So thanks for the memories and farewell A&B Seymour.