Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Making New WAVVES

The next shit is here, folks, and it's name is Wavves. After releasing an instantly sold out 7 Inch on Tic Tac Totally and an instantly sold out cassette on Fuck It Tapes , Wavves has crashed upon the shore. For the uninitiated, Wavves is one Californian (San Diego to be exact) dude who makes warbled and lo-fi, surfy garage tunage. Incredibly catchy stuff here, kiddies. This is album of the year material. Apparently, according to a source that knows the man, Wavves signed to several labels in the UK, reneged on all of them and thus created a bidding war for his next release. For those who need a hard copy of his works, worry not, Woodsist/Fuck It Tapes will be issuing the above mention full length tape on CD and LP and should be out in the coming months. The 7 inch is no more, but you can cop it free below. Wavves also runs a pretty sweet blog where he digs up some obscure-o hip hop tracks (he's currently on a midwest hip hop kick) and some other classic joints of the golden eras. The man loves his garage and his 90s hip hop. A man after my own heart, I says.


Wavves Last.FM page here

Listen to "BEACH DEMON" track NOW. Contender for song of the year!

Listen to "No Hope Kids" HERE

Listen to "So Bored" HERE

While we are the topic of the next shits, I have recently come across the best thing since the release of Thee Oh Sees The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending The Night In, which is Ty Segall's debut release on Castle Face Records. I came across his MySpace a few months back and was blown away by the catchy, blown-out, one-man garage rocker and his handful of tracks. Aquarius listed the CD this week, and let me tell you: it rips. There is no wonder that this guy is best bros with John Dwyer, as both of their hearts lie in that grimy, unshakable oil spot that lay in every garage from here to the tip of California. The LP version is also available. Ty is currently on an American tour with Sic Alps and Thee Oh Sees.

Through some internet investigation, I also found that Ty is part of another band called The Traditional Fools, who also do the surf garage/pop thing extremely well. Since there is zero distro for the Traditional Fools LP here in Canada, I've contacted the label for wholesale prices and should have some hooked up in the next few weeks. Gimme a shout if yr in need. Also got some Ty Segall tapes comin' thru the mail from Wizard Mountain.

Check 'em out HERE


Saelan said...

Dude, that Ty Segall fucking rips! So catchy! I'm doing air kicks in my bedroom, here. Put a tape aside for me. When's your distro website going to be set up?

Mark E. Rich said...

Glad you love it. This guy is really under the radar right now. I'm trying to get a hold of Castle Face (aka John Dwyer) so's I can wholesale some copies of the LP. The tapes should be flying in soon. Melanie is helping me set up the website this month. Lets hope for a Jan-Feb launch.