Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wildildlife "Peas Feast" (2007) Chicas De Hoy

Front Cover


Wildildlife (formerly just Wildlife) are a San Francisco based trio with this EP, a full length on Crucial Blast and a live recording on CDR under their belt. I pretty much ignored the full length on Crucial Blast (still haven't heard it) as I'm not a big fan of most of the progressive metal or metal-drone that they and their subsidiary, Crucial Bliss, have released. I should probably stop the snobbery and really give the full length a listen, as this EP is most definitely killer. After some quick internet searching I now know that I definitely need to hear it after reading a short but glowing review on Julian Cope's Head Heritage site.

Anyways, first track and album highlight, White Eyelidz, rips out of the gate right away with some howling, Six Finger Satellite-style distorto-vocals over top of some Brainiac-ish riffage. The track suddenly veers off and becomes a hazy, tense incantation, complete with slow, thudding drums and freaky guitar pluckings. The track picks up a few minutes later with a heavily delayed, star-scraping guitar solo that soon turns takes the track right back to where it started. Amazing display of push-pull. The following track, Violent, is a much slower, anthemic dirge that finds the band howling in unison, very reminiscent of some of the slower joints on Boris' Akuma No Uta. Third track, Shining Son, is just technical riffing with some screamed vocals. It's over in 3 minutes, making it the shortest and most straight-forward track on this otherwise adventurous EP. The fourth and final jam, My Song, is another slow, burning incantation to that great riff in the sky. Warbled and almost drunken vocals are backed up by what sounds like the rest of the band, in the background, howling at the moon. A fitting comedown to a wild ride.

This album is way out of print, but you can...

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