Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend Update

Whole buncha' killer shows happening this weekend. First off is the Shearing Pinx homecoming at the Cobalt with Robe and Allied (third show evar!), Nu Sensae (local faves with a new LP in hand), Sex Church (ex-Ladies Night with Ben from Defektors on drum duty) and, of course, the Pinx themselves. Saturday is half the lineup of the Cobalt show (Nu Sensae and Robe and Allied) teamed up with Miami Nights (from Brooklyn) and The USAisaMonster, which all takes place at the ER. Check out the cover image on that USAisaMonster webpage. Looks like these dudes are primed and ready to rip the ER a new one, or at least a new hole in the ceiling. There is also a show at the Peanut Gallery that should be really good. Alright, now you have no excuses to stay in this weekend.


Biggie Samuels said...

Yes I do. I just got the 30 Rock Season Two DVD box set and it's pissing with rain outside.

Anonymous said...

I believe you bailed in the weekend of shows Snarky but I guess you have an excuse, right cripple? - B Ran

Kallen said...

Hey, I'm from Calgary so local Vancouver scene news doesn't reach here too often but I loved Ladies Night. Are those guys still around?

Mark E. Rich said...

Sadly, Ladies Night no longer exists.

Levon (vocalist) went on to form Sex Church, Jake (guitarist) plays bass in another band with Levon (their name escapes me) and Clint went on to ape the Black Lips in a band called Dead Ghosts. You should be able to myspace all those bands.

Hope that helps