Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kurt Vile "Constant Hitmaker" (2008) Gulcher Records

Finally, back online.

Normally I don't upload too many albums that are still in print, especially ones that came out this year. Unfortunately, this amazing Kurt Vile album isn't available through any Canadian distributors, nor is it available from many American distros, thus making it impossible to buy here in Vancouver or damn near anywhere, for that matter. I heard about this reclusive Pennsylvanian via Grimmertown (aka Jason Grimmer, the man behind the local legends Nasty On, The Christa Min and Anenomes. Also a former Zulu-ite) and immediately fell for the lo-fi loveliness. I managed to scrape up a copy at Amoeba during my recent trip to San Francisco and it hasn't strayed far from the stereo since. The tracks on Constant Hitmaker veer from lo-fi solo bedroom folk with Devendra Banhart-like vocals, to heavy reverbed psych pop numbers, to damn near Classic Rock devotion, coming off as a lo-fi Tom Petty. It's no wonder the sound and vibe is all over the map as this album is culled from tracks recorded between 2003 and 2007. Some of the tracks are pretty sparse, featuring just a drum machine(sometimes) and Vile's reverbed picked guitar. Occasionally, though, there are some tracks with multi-layered vocal effects, cryptic keys and oddball synths, which end up giving the album it's weird psychedelic side. Beck's oddball Stereopathetic Soul Manure is a great reference point.

Let's hope this fucker gets pressed to wax asap!

Until then...

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***Update*** The album will be pressed to vinyl by Woodsist sometime in 2009. The



Bjorn said...

This is an interesting record. I'm liking (if not loving) what I've heard so far. There's snatches of shoegaze here, but not in a cannibalistic way like so many groups fall prey to (including your bewildering faves, Sunny Day in Glasgow).

Mark E. Rich said...

Glad you enjoyed it. It has had many spins in casa del Richardson. Easy on the SDIG, my friend. I really think that SDIG have taken elements of shoegaze and taken them to more expoloratory and, well, prettier levels than their long forgotten predecessors. That record struck a serious chord for everyone who heard it. Sold over 50 copies of it at Zulu, most of which were out of my staff picks. Not bad for a record and band with very very little help from the media. Proof is in the Puddin'

shani said...

SDIG is one of my faves ever. As is Kurt Vile. just happened on the blog, love it!

Mark E. Rich said...

Thanks for the blog love. Did you ever nab a copy of the SDIG on vinyl? I got some spares if yr innarested.