Thursday, October 9, 2008

Greatest Song Evar!

Apologies for my lack of posts lately. Things should be running smoother on the Expressway soon. Until then, you can chew on this recent psychedelic pop discovery. I heard this track play on a 60s satellite radio station while doing some late night drinking at the hostel I was staying at in San Francisco. The station was pretty good that night, playing a host of classic tracks from the 60s, most of which I recognized. Then this song came on and caused me to sober up immediately, and for the next three and half minutes I was absolutely transfixed. I made a mental note to remember this track and to spread it back to the masses. I present to you "Reach Out Of The Darkness" by Friend and Lover

(Sorry, the user won't allow the track to be embedded. It's worth that extra second of waiting, trust me.)

I should have an album upload tomorrow and a slew of posts by next week.


amir said...

glad you managed to find it, i know i sure as hell wasnt going to remember much from that night.

Mark E. Rich said...

Yah, that was a tough one to remember. All I could recall was Out of the Darkness. God bless Google.

Bjorn said...

Interesting, but greatest song ever? Nah.. I doubt it would make the bottom disc of a Nuggets boxed set.

Mark E. Rich said...


I was using hyperbolen to describe the song. I tjust happened, at that precise time, to be my favorite song. Should have clarified that in the posting. But your nuggets comment is ridiculous. It seems insane that its NOT on that boxset. I would say that song is better than about half of the tracks on Nuggets...dont make me write a list!

Bjorn said...

Don't worry I won't.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good slice of hippie pop, but it certainly didn't stir my gravy in the same fashion it did you. But that's the ephemeral nature of music I guess.