Friday, September 12, 2008

Yikes "Whoa Comas/Blood Bomb" (Kill Shaman) 2006

Got bit in the ass by this fucker first thing this morning. It practically blew the crust right out from eyes. Yikes were a San Francisco trio (they seem to be defunct now) and are also the first group that John Dwyer formed after leaving the Coachwhips in the dust, and it sure has his blown-out garage stamp all over it. Everything is puched into the red here, and by the time this 15 minute EP is over, you'll just have to go back for another beating. Yes, it's that good. It straddles the thin barrier between the assaultive noise rock of Dwyer's other group Pink and Brown and the overdriven garage of the Coachwhips, but with a serious twangy edge. A rollicking hybrid of garage, punk, noise and original rock and roll. Recommended for those into the shredding sounds of The Lamps, The Hunches and Coachwhips.




bobert said...

I got one of the Yikes videos on my Tumblr guy! Check it!

Mark E. Rich said...

Whats yr tumblr addy?