Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gone Fishin'

I'm off duty for the next week. Why, you ask? I'll be basking in the white noise bath of My Bloody Valentine in San Francisco. Full report when I get back. Promise. Until then...


Biggie Samuels said...

When I saw them in Manchester (best! show! ever!) "You Made Me Realise" went on for over 30 minutes! Amazingly, I didn't see anyone leave or even cover their ears. I guess that's a pretty good illustration of the difference between London and Manchester.

I wish I was going with you. I almost went to one of the LA shows but I didn't feel like I could take any more time off work. Hopefully, they'll come up to Vancouver, eventually.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that these handful of shows are just a warmup before a new album and full blown word tour.

I just re-read your MBV posts and you really hit the nail on the head; THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THEIR LIVE SHOW. Walking away from the venue, completely lucid and sober, with a a small gang of friends old and new, I was speechless. We all questioned whether or not this was the greatest show of all time. We could barely answer the question, so i'll take it as a yes. You were also dead on that it was much more than just a musical experience. This was a full blown EXPERIENCE. Anyone complaining about the shows has a) not been to any of them or b) is a complete fool or just plain ol' stoopid.

The world can now be seperated by people who witnessed the show and loved it, those who witnessed the show and lied about hating it and people who just didn't see it at all.

Mark E Rich