Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Sunny Day In Glasgow "Scribble Mural Comic Journal" 2008 (Ruined Potential) LP, Edition of 330



Sorry kids, this is not an upload of the vinyl edition of last year's amazing debut album by Philadelphia's A Sunny Day In Glasgow. Nope, this is strictly self promotion, well, ok, there is a lot promotion for ASDIG too. You see, after falling head over heels for their CD last year, I contacted the band to see if they had released it on vinyl or had any intention of doing so. They told me that Ruined Potential, a small label based out of Austin, Texas, was in the midst of getting the album put to wax. I contacted the label in the hopes that I could get some wholesale copies of the album. After six months of waiting, they put me down for five copies, all of which arrived on my doorstep this week. First off, Ruined Potential went all out on the packaging for this, and, after a bit of skepticism on my part, I can now see where my hard earned paypal dollars went. The sleeve is on black linen paper (kind of like a thick card stock) with an intricate criss cross pattern pressed into the paper. The whole package is held together by a letter pressed white band of the same material as the sleeve and is hand-numbered on the back. The whole thing unfolds to reveal two 180 gram LPs and a white insert with the critical info set at the bottom of one side. An absolutely stunning package for a more than deserving record. Want one? You can order one for $22.00 USD from the Ruined Potential site, plus $18.00 USD to ship one copy to Canada, or you can contact me and we'll work something out that will be much cheaper than $40 USD. One copy is reserved, the other is mine, which means I got three left. For the time being (possibly never) you won't find this in any of the local record shops. Let me know if you need to reserve one. Drop a message in the comments below or shoot me an email at



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a d r i a n said...

I want one.
Let me know.

Mark E. Rich said...


It's all yours.
That leaves 2 left.
Don't sleep too long on this, people!


Mark E. Rich said...

If you still have one I am interested. Thanks

It's all your my man.

1 copy left...