Saturday, September 20, 2008

In the Pursuit of All Things Drone

My man Adrian (aka local drone-meister Empress) has officially entered the blogosphere. Looks like the focus there (as if the name Church of Drone didn't give it away) is gonna be strictly drone. As much as I profess to lovin' me some drone, Adrian has fully immersed himself in the genre and has become well schooled on the topic. Not only does he know his shit when it comes to drone, he actually revealed his debut drone project Empress earlier this year. Check this entry for the major deets. We have some copies over at Zulu and, after putting it in our experimental booth and blowing the minds of unsuspecting customers, have managed to sell quite a few. You might wanna head on down before this sucker is kaput. Or you can head down to his October 22nd gig at Fake Jazz and nab one of 'em personally.

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