Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tall Dwarfs "3 EPs" (Flying Nun) 1994

I don't know how this group has escaped my grasp for so long. Perhaps it's because most of their output has remained out of print for the last ten years or so. Either way, they've been discovered, and if you are unfamiliar with this New Zealand duo, then this EP compilation is a great start. The earlier material (the group began in the early 80s) is incredibly lo-fi and was actually a huge influence on the lo-fi movement in the American underground of the late 80s and early 90s. By the time that movement was in full swing, however, the duo began to up the fidelity of their recordings considerably. This collection is culled from three EPs that were released from 1992 to 1993 and is exemplary in showing the great range that the duo were capable of. 3 EPs sways from warped psychedelia to Spacemen 3 downer blues to repetitive fuzz riffage to Beatles-inspired love songs. Their influence can be heard in the twee-psych of the Elephant 6 collective (particularly Elf Power, who once covered one of the their tracks), the demented pop of early Ween and the earnest lo-fi rock of Sebadoh. Anyone with even a passing interest in the above mentioned groups should do themselves a favour and check the Tall Dwarfs out. Don't sleep on this group like I did for so many years.



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