Friday, June 20, 2008

Wolf Eyes-Nuisance and the Back to Attack Boxset

I picked up a few tour only items from Wolf Eyes when they came through town two weeks ago, and, as promised, I have uploaded the CD's. I also picked up a tape of their show that they had played the night before in Victoria with The Rita and Brutophilia. They were recording all of their West Coast shows and dubbing them on the road, all to be sold at the next destination. I don't have the ability to rip tapes into mp3s yet, so ya'll will just have to wait. These should tide you over until then.


Nuisance features 4 tracks, including 2 two minute and 2 fifteen minute tracks. The opener is a quick, clunky beat jam that segues nicely into a fifteen minute funhouse from hell, which is very reminiscent of the first half of their set at Pats Pub two weeks ago. The third track is very similar to the other two minute clunker, and the final piece is an unspectacular rise to the surface. This is probably the only track that isn't as up to snuff as the rest of the material posted here. Apparently, according to Mike Connelly himself, the two short tracks on the disc are due to be revamped and recorded properly for their next full length album, due in the fall on Hospital, and has the working title of "Pretending Alive."

DOWNLOAD: Wolf Eyes-Nuisance


The first disc on the boxset is one 45 minute track that starts off slow and meandering but then quickly progresses into a beat-frenzied snarl fest. Ten minutes in, the track descends back into the basement for a twitching static dirge that peaks after about 5 minutes, only to descend back into the subterranean hell from which it sprang. The rest of the track pretty much follows this path of hellish peaks and frightening valleys. The whole track was played live, as evidenced by the cheering crowd that doesn't really show up on the recording until the end. Despite it being a live track, the fidelity is pretty amazing.
DOWNLOAD: Wolf Eyes Boxset Disc 1

The second disc is split into 3 parts. The first two tracks are high pitched journeys through a windy tunnel of electronic hiss and are probably the most frightening tracks on the whole set. Bed wetters be warned! The third and final track is along the same lines as the first two but a little more cinematic and ambient. Kinda like a long walk down a condemned insane asylum hallway. Not that I would know what that's like...

DOWNLOAD: Wolf Eyes boxset Disc 2


Anonymous said...

Thanx for the limited 26 box Back to attack.

But you uploaded boxset Disc 2 two times
Please provide disc One if possible.

Pitty about the tape

Mark E. Rich said...

Thanks for the heads up. Problem has been fixed. Download Disc 1 to get the "real" disc 1. Sorry to all. One day i'll have this blogging thing down pat. Until then, thanks for the patience.

It is a pity about the tape. By the end of the summer I plan on fixing the situation, then the flood will begin...

Anonymous said...

Hello Mark
Thx for the fix and all the work.
Hope to see some more American Tapes here in the future.

losfeld said...

Thanx for the uploads, never enough Wolf Eyes in my ears! Cheers from France!

Anonymous said...

real big thanks

J.H.M. said...

This is a bit late in the game to ask, but did you ever rip the tape from Back To Attack? If so, would you be able to upload it any time soon? Such would be greatly appreciated.