Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Music Waste 2008-->My Personal Picks

Music Waste is that one special time of year where I get to check out all the local bands that I haven't gotten around to seeing, or just peeping new groups that I haven't heard at all. This year there are a lot of familiar faces that I have caught over the last year or so, and a few that I have been meaning to see but never got around to. Below is a night by night rundown of the bands that I will be checking out and you should too. Music Waste is the only festival of mostly underground local acts that are almost always worth checking out. $15 gets you into at least 5 shows, plus all the venues are close together so you can hop around at your leisure. I will hopefully update the blog with pics and brief descriptions of the shows I take in. Ya'll come back now...

Well this is a no-brainer. There is only one event tonight and it's the Fake Jazz night at the Cobalt. Pretty excited to see V. Vecker (Keith, vocalist of Sex Negatives) perform a wall of drone. This may or may not go off as he plans, he seemed a little iffy on it when I spoke to him earlier in the week. Also excited to see Ejaculation Death Rattle, who are riding high off their brief write up and photo that appeared in this month's Wire magazine. I have also heard a bit about Perelisk, so i'm interested to see how that turns out. Should be one of the better MW nights and a better

This night will find me at Pub 340 peeping Dead Ghosts (former Ladies Night member) as they perform their gutter pop-garage. Their myspace has some pretty promising songs. The B-Lines are heading up the night and i'm interested to see what the former members of Fun 100 are up to. The other two bands that night, i'm not familiar with, but that's what Music Waste is all about.

Hoko's will find me getting down to the sounds of Vapid, who have released a fine 7" this year but i've yet to catch the group in action. Also playing is Nu Sensae, who I have caught before but am interested to see again. Once again, I have heard some great things about Stamina Mantis but haven't caught them in the flesh yet. Pink Noise I don't know a thing about. I have linked to their myspace but i'm not gonna listen to it. Gotta save myself a few surprises.

Most of Saturday I will be at the Astoria checking out i/i, The Barcelona Chair and the mighty return of White Owl, who are back in action after a few months off (their drummer was on tour in the US with Modern Creatures). White Owl, when they are ON, are quite a sight. Loud as fuck, all kinds of catchy, the meanest drummer in the city and a damn near danceable vibe usuallyall come together to create a potent cocktail. Don't miss out on this. After they exit the stage, I will be heading to Hoko's to catch Jesse Taylor (Twin Crystals, CH 3x4) and experimental voice artist Piper Davis, who should be easy on the eyes after a weekend of gristled, sweaty dudes.

Tonight is another no-brainer: Pub 340 with local faves Modern Creatures (just back from tour), Mutators (also just back from tour), Adjective (havent't seen yet) and Mattress? Last I heard, Mattress was from Portland, but maybe he has just recently moved here. Either way, this should be one of the better nights and a bit of a homecoming for Vancouver's finest noise-mongers.

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