Friday, June 27, 2008


Front Cover
Inner Sleeve
Sorry kids. I have zero info on this band. Not even sure I remember where I picked it up from (Aquarius, Mimarogalu??). There is zero info on the inter-google, and even the band's myspace isn't giving up much either. From what I gather, they are from Minnesota, have had a rotating cast of musicians and seem to have some loose ties with one of my favorite labels, Night People.One of the members, Grant Jackson, runs a label called Never Ender (also here) who seem to have decent looking/sounding releases from groups all within the midwest USA. The music within is 3 10 minute-ish tracks of twittering electronics, knuckle-dragging rhythms, squawking sax and meandering sonic explorations. Nothing too immediate comes to mind when I try to summon a comparison, so that can only be a good thing. Right? Anyone with info on this label or band should cough it up asap.


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