Friday, June 6, 2008

Music Waste-Wednesday and Thursday

Here's a quick rundown (in descending order) of the bands I managed to catch on Wednesday and Thursday night.


This was the first time I've seen the B-Lines and did they ever manage to blow me away. The singer, Ryan, who I've known for about a year and is normally a pretty reserved dude, stalked the stage like an even more punk rock version of Calvin Johnson. Screaming into the mic, diving into the crowd, eyes rolling into the back of his head, Ryan was magnificent to watch. The music was pretty straight forward 3 chord punk, but on my bike ride home, I had one of their songs embedded in my brain. Can't wait to seem 'em again.

The Dead Ghosts put on a great set of garage rock that was almost embarrassingly similar to the Black Lips. They had the moves and the tunes down pat but the only thing missing was the debauchery of early Lips shows, though they did try to fall apart at the end of their set. Clint, the bass player in Dead Ghosts, actually opened for the Black Lips with his former band Ladies Night when they first came to Vancouver. The connection was so obvious on Thursday that the DJ followed their set by playing a Black Lips track. Still pretty good despite the derivative nature of the band.

Get Well Bomb played a decent set of Country Teasers-esque garage rock that would have went off a little better if the lead singer wasn't so drunk. But, hey, isn't that what this type of rock is s'posed to be about? I see good things in the future of this gang if they just tighten it up a bit.

Only caught the last 3 songs of the TVees but they weren't bad. Pretty tight, 50s rock inspired garage that had at least a half a dozen attendees buying their self-released CD.


Ejaculation Death Rattle lived up to the hype of their brief Wire review and delivered an odd set of disco-death jazz. This has to be seen to be believed.

V. Vecker, who I predicted to have a faulty set, dropped a serious load of hyped-up, one-man SunnO))) that would have been perfect if half his stack of amps hadn't faltered. Nonetheless, it was pretty awe-inspiring and one of the early highlights of Music Waste.

Perelisk: Keep it in the basement for now, kids.

Empty Love put on a great set of throbbing, cinematic drone that was fronted by a dream machine, which I had never actually seen in the flesh before. The fucker fell over after 5 minutes but was soon taped down by the helpful crowd. Staring into this thing with drone being played was pretty hallucinogenic, I must admit. Below is a photo I took of the dream machine and youtube clip of the dream machine in action.

note: you might want to turn down the lame music on this youtube clip. Also, this is an up close shot of one and doesn't nearly capture the same effect of a real dream machine.

*all photos courtesy of my own damn self*


brad said...

do you mind if i nick your picture of the empty love set for the myspace page. thanks a lot for the nice words about the set, and i'll be doing it again at fake jazz on july 16th.

Mark E. Rich said...

Dude, the photo is all yours. By the way, where did you get the dream machine from? Also, I will be in Chicago during your next gig at Fake Jazz. Will have to wait another day...

brad said...

shame you'll miss the show, but i'm planning to play with semi-regularity. but, that will be a special, all drone fake jazz that i'm curating, so i'm hoping it will be nice!

and i made the dream machine myself. there are several plans on the internet for it, but the closest ones i found to the originals (as i remember them) were in the science section of

Mark E. Rich said...

Cool! thanks for the link. It's a shame that I will miss an all drone fake jazz because I live for the stuff. Who else will be playing? Also, here is a link to some Burroughs films where the Dream Machine is a key element of the film


brad said...

i'd never seen towers before! thanks for the link.

heres the poster for the drone fake jazz. i'm already starting to setup the second fake sleep, as i have enough interested performers for about 5 of these things! hopefully you'll be in town for one of them

Mark E. Rich said...

Poster looks good! It's kinda funny because I was actually going to suggest nabbing Magneticring for your drone night. He's my favorite droner in this city. I will definitely be around for future fake jazz drone nights.

Yah, that ubu web is a pretty great source for hard to find art films. There is a Taj Mahal Travellers doc on the site that is worth checking out.

brad said...

im hoping to scatter these things to more venues than just fake jazz as well. wednesday isn't the best for everyone, and the cobalt isn't exactly a great venue. the next one is probably gonna be at vivo. hopefully you'll get word somehow!