Thursday, June 12, 2008

When Wolf Eyes Attack!

Sick Buildings, The Rita and Wolf Eyes absolutely destroyed Pat's Pub this last Wednesday. Got a couple decent shots of the "bands", but a full review will be forthcoming in the next issue of that infernal rag known as The Discorder.

Sick Bulidings played a controlled set of noise that involved half a dozen rape-whistle blowers ( I was one of the few) who, while scattered across the room, let blow while Josh hurtled an army of pre-sampled rape whistles back at the crowd.

The Rita shook the brains of the crowd with his unique brand of wall-of-volcanic noise. I actually felt my eyeballs vibrating in my head as he played. We'll assume that it was the brute force of The Rita that caused the photo to blur and not my shaky hands.

Wolf Eyes played a 2 part set, the first being a 20 minute horrorscape and the second was the assualtive side of the group. Just before Wolf Eyes were about to finish, some kid from the crown, obviously on something, decided to try and top Wolf Eyes' set by stage diving into a crowd of people that had no intention of catching him, which, of course, they didn't. The idiot actually managed to knock himself unconscious. The whole thing played out like a scene from a bad comedy.

I picked up several items from the Wolf Eyes merch table and will be uploading the CDr's here next week. Wait for 'em...

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