Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Episode 105

Ganglians "Jungle" Still Living LP (Souterrain Transmissions) 2011
The Liminanas "AF3458" s/t 7" (SDZ) 2011
Cosmonauts "He Never Hit Me" s/t 7" (Goodbye Boozy) 2011
The Dreams "South African Youth Of Africa" Morbido LP (Kill Shaman) 2011
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys "Nobody Else" s/t 7" (R.I.P. Society) 2011
Tropic Of Cancer "A Color" The Sorrow Of Two Blooms 12" (Blackest Ever Black) 2011
DVA Damas "Brand New Head" s/t 10" (Downwards) 2010
Pink Playground "Come Find" s/t 10" (Downwards) 2011
KVB "Into The Night" Into The Night 10" (Downwards) 2011
Tropic Of Cancer "Be Brave" Be Brave 10" (Downwards) 2011
Bitchin Bajas "Consciousness 2" split w/Faceplant 12" (Bathetic) 2011
Amazing Births "Whelm" Younger Moon LP (Cylindrical Habitat Modules) 2011
Diamond Catalog "Valveneration" Magnified Pallette LP (NNA) 2011
Sam Goldberg "Atom" Having Had Forgot LP (Arbor) 2011

DOWNLOAD EPISODE 105 here (right click link, the Save As, or click to play)

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