Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Episode 107

The Native Cats "Eyes Of The Gang" Process Praise LP (Ride The Snake) 2011
Blasted Canyons "Death And A Half" s/t LP (Castle Face) 2011
The Fresh & Onlys "When Are You Gonna Grow Up" V/A Group Flex 5xflexi & book (Castle Face) 2011
Grass Widow "Time Keeps Time" Milo Minute 7" (HLR) 2011
Brain Idea "Suspended In Bliss" Cosmos Factory LP (Mexican Summer) 2011
Total Control "The Hammer" The Henge Beat LP (Iron Lung) 2011
The Dreams "Milk By Myself" Morbido LP (Kill Shaman) 2011
Rubble "Tom Of Midland" The Farewell Drugs LP (Latino Buggerveil) 2011
Robedoor "Afterburners" Too Down To Die LP (Not Not Fun) 2011
Hot Guts "Small Brass Cage" Small Brass Cage CS (Linear B) 2011
Cut Hands "Rain Washes The Chaff" Afro Noise 1 CD (Susan Lawly) 2011
Case Studies "Secrets" The World Is Just A Shape To Fill The Night LP (Sacred Bones) 2011
Amen Dunes "Lower Mind" Through Donkey Jaw LP (Sacred Bones) 2011
Pillars & Tongues "Thank You, Oaky" The Pass & Crossings LP (Empty Cellar) 2011
Terrors "Soft Proliferating Light" Lagan Qord LP (Weird Forest) 2011
Sun Araw "At Delphi" Ancient Romans 2LP (Sun Ark) 2011
Expo 70 "Hypnotic Brain Cloud Float" Inaudible Bicoastal Trajectory LP (Aguirre) 2011

DOWNLOAD EPISODE 107 here (right click link, then Save As, or click to play)

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