Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 9

Fresh off the presses this week is the upcoming Nu Sensae 7"er on Critiscum Internationale, which should be out later this or next week. The sleeve looks great and the 4 tracks within are even gnarlier and nastier than anything on their debut 12" from last year. Snatch this one up quick when it drops.

Coupla' new Sweet Rot 7"s, including the outstanding Shackles, who hail from Seattle. It looks like their are two even newer Sweet Rot titles that just dropped this week--Woven Bones, who already have a great one on this year's Hozac Hookup Klub and one from Needless (in the mail!), and the debut 7" by Mississippi's Flight, who will also be putting out a 7" as part of the Hozac Hookup and 10" on Kill Shaman.

Six Finger Satellite have returned after about a ten year absence, but it proved to be worth the wait. The band is back in attack mode but the edges have been slightly dulled, though it's still worth nabbing a copy, even for the hardcore purists. Investigate 6FS more thorughly here. Before I played the 6FS I squeezed in some of the current bands that've adopted their style successfully. Philly's FNU Ronnies have taken that sound and tossed it around their cave for awhile, turning it into a neanderthal thumpety racket. Meanwhile, the now defunct California Raisins decided to blatantly steal the 6FS sound circa-"Severe Exposure. Fine by me. Hell, even that new Mongst (Jeremy from Shearing Pinx) track has a bit of that vibe, though much grimier and recorded in the lowest of fi's.

On the lighter side of things, finally found the time to display some wares from the excellent Sound And Fury label based out of Australia. Though the label has released some works by notorious noise-mongers outside of Australia (Machinefabrik, Burning Star Core, Yellow Swans) the best stuff, well, at least the freshest, are the acts out of the continent itself. Both Mirrored Silver Sea and Shoebe Ahmad have been tooling around with the shoegaze vibe but have brought it out into their own distinct manner. The packaging from the Sound And Fury label has been above par as well, especially considering they're CDRs, which I normally dislike. Each CDR is packaged in handcut, thick textured paper sleeve, accompanied with silkscreened innards, and sealed with wax. Yowza! Talk about a serious effort for CDRs. Seriously, toss some cash his way, or check DNT for availability.

Though I only managed to play a brief segment of it, the highlight this week (pictured above) is the brand new project from The Skaters' James Ferraro, Matrix Metals. It's an Ariel Pink-esque (w/o vocals) romp through soggy dub, funk, disco and 80s TV themes. I'll let NNF sum it up for ya'..."A hotwired collection of fringe-vision vignettes that roves from ghost club beats to astral 80s TV theme songs to loopy interdimensional dub-funk and beyond,". Seriously amazing and utterly addictive. NNF still has copies and even yours truly has a few to spare. Hit me up in the comments.

Whole buncha' amazing shows coming our way in the next week...

Thursday, July 9th @Honey Lounge
Shannon and the Clams, Pterodactyl, Nu Sensae, Pompoir, and Dead Ghosts

Monday, July 13th @Cobalt
Francis Harold and The Holograms w/ Fag Cop, Dead Ghosts, and Timecopz

Tuesday, July 14th @Little Mountain Studios
Psychic Ills and Indian Jewelry

Made In Mexico show is next Saturday, the 18th
Saturday, July 18th @ a secret space (ask around for details)
Made In Mexico, Magick Daggers, Shearing Pinx, Fortress, and Sex Negatives

thanks to my astute readers for pointing that one out.

Blank Dogs "Slowing Down" Under and Under 2LP (In The Red) 2009
The Shackles "Broken Arm" Broken Arm 7" (Sweet Rot) 2009
Jeffrey Novak "One Of A Kind" One Of A Kind 7" (Sweet Rot) 2009
Ty Segall "Pretty Baby (You're So Ugly)" s/t 12" (Castleface) 2008
Fresh and Onlys "Fog Machine" Debut LP (Castleface) 2009
Nu Sensae "Mowgli and Sly" 3 Dreams 7" (Critiscum Internationale) 2009
Nu Sensae "Mens Rea" 3 Dreams 7" (Critiscum Internationale) 2009
Defektors "Torn To Pieces" Torn To Pieces 7" (Hockey Dad) 2008
Mongst "Dormitude" A Poison Stronger Than Love CS (Isolated Now Waves) 2009
FNU Ronnies "Golem Smoke" Golem Smoke one-sided 12" (Night People) 2009
California Raisins "Ride The Rainbow" split w/Cave 10" (Permanent Records) 2008
Six Finger Satellite "Hot Food" Half Control LP (Load) 2009
Mirrored Silver Sea "Cormandel" Continual Ascension CDR (Sound and Fury) 2009
Shoebe Ahmad "Untitled" Soft Disasters" Sea Songs, Dead Ends and Sleeping Pills CDR (Sound And Fury) 2009
Pete Swanson "Untitled, Side B" Unlimited Options CS (Helicopter) 2009
Bryter Layter "Untitled" Imprinted Seasons CS (Arbor) 2009
Matrix Metals "Flamingo Breeze (excerpt)" Flamingo Breeze CS (Not Not Fun) 2009
Timothy Goldie & Mattin "How Will It Be Enforced" Deflag Haemorrhage Haien Kontra (Tochnit Aleph) 2009

Download this week's show here. (right click link, save as)


Anonymous said...

Correction: the Made in Mexico show is the next week JULY 18th; SHPX play Better Bar this Saturday.

Paul said...

Hey Mark - thanks for all your music spreading efforts once again.

I think that Made in Mexico show is on the 18th of July, not the 11th.

Anyhooz, good to chat w/ you last night. I'm working on a budget that should allow me to order some stuff from you soon.

Anonymous said...

matrix metals is not james ferraro

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
As the person behind Mirrored Silver Sea I just wanted to thank you for recommending my music. It means a lot to me, and I am impressed by your efforts in tracking it down - BC to a small label in Australia is quite a good distance - nice work!

I highly recommend the rest of the releases on the label - their is some great stuff (in particular the new Anonymeye album.



Mark E. Rich said...


Thanks for getting in touch. I do have a lot of stuff from that label. DNT carries some of the older releases and I bought most of what he had. Amazing label, it's just tough/expensive to get stuff shipped from Australia. I'll have to check out that Anonymeye album.