Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 10

Whole wack of freshness this week. Two fresh off the Sweet Rot assembly line this week; Woven Bones continues his dominance of the 7" in 2009 (see his new ones on Needless and Hozac for more proof), and the debut from Mississippi's Flight, which is definitely the better of the two. Flight traverse down the same well-worn path as Royal Trux but this affair is a bit more blown out than that. Forthcoming 10" on Kill Shaman and a 7" on Hozac should further cement Flight's ascent as one of '09s better debutantes.

Managed to squeeze out one of my favorite tracks off thenew and impossible-to-get-a-damn-hold-of Mayyors 12" (pictured above). Much better than those two also impossible to get 7"s from last year. The band come off a little tighter but still remain gnarly as all hell. 10 copies I wholesaled were gone before they even arrived. Thanks to those who "pre-ordered". Maybe there'll be a repress sometime soon...

Lots of newness from the Woodsist label dropped into my lap this week. The Ganglians LP, to these jagged ears, is far superior to the overt Beach Boys-aping on their Weird Forest full length, which dropped around the same time. The Woodsist LP, while still being pretty darn catchy, revels in a world that is a little harder to pinpoint. The new Psychedelic Horseshit also on Woodsist is probably the most listenable thing they've dropped since that 7" from a few years back. Much better than the delightful mess that dropped on Siltbreeze a while back.

Cassette nerds should be sure to head to the Danish-based Skrot Up label for a serious dose of tape art. Skrot Up, who released the FNU Ronnies "Golem" cassette earlier this year (now re-issued on one-sided LP by Night People), have been keeping pretty busy. Plenty of industrial-scuzz, nightmare garage, and a few other unclassifiable sounds have been unleashed over the last few months, with many coming with large-sized silkscreen posters. Jaw dropping work here, folks. Check here for a nice Skrot up sampler. Then head over to the blogspot page for purchases.

Also, due to a few other blogs assuming that the Matrix Metals cassette, which I profiled last week, was James Ferraro from the Skaters, I have been informed that this is not the case. Matrix Metals remains a mystery. I did, however, play a side from the Ferraro LP re-issue of Discovery just to show how similar the two are.

Make sure you snatch up a copy of the new Nu Sensae 7" on Critiscum Internationale at their release party tonight (July 16) at the Rickshaw Theatre. Random Cuts (aka Justin Gradin from Mutators and Emergency Room kingpin's solo-joint) will also be debuting their first of three new 7"s to released by Nominal. Hell, might even be a triple release show if the B-Lines can get theirs ready in time. See ya'll there.

That's it for until next week...

Woven Bones "Your Sorcery" Your Sorcery 7" (Sweet Rot) 2009
Flight "Flowers" 7" (Sweet Rot) Flowers 7" 2009
Mayyors "Clicks" Deads 12" (Hurling Man) 2009
Hunches "Actors" Exit Dreams LP (In The Red) 2009
Nice Face "Thing In My Head" Thing In My Head 7" (Sacred Bones) 2008
Blessure Grave "City Lights" Learn To Love The Rope 12" (Captured Tracks) 2009
Mode Moderne "Photography" unreleased demo 2009
Nu Sensae "Worm(s)" Three Dreams 7" (Critiscum Internationale) 2009
Nu Sensae "Fantum" Three Dreams 7" (Critiscum Internationale) 2009
Electric Bunnies "Colorful Teardrops" split w/Pink Reason 7" (Die Stasi) 2009
Ganglians "Rats, Man" s/t LP (Woodsist) 2009
Psychedelic Horseshit "We're Pink Floyd, Bitch" Shitgaze Anthems 12" (Woodsist) 2009
Biblical Violence "UDAAAV" Bib Vio CS (Skrot Up) 2009
SFHHH "Day Care" s/t CS (Skrot Up) 2009
Thetlvmth "3.29" Noel CS (Skrot Up) 2009
James Ferraro "Discovery (Side A)" Discovery LP (Holy Mountain) 2009 (re-issue)
Dave Phillips "They Live (Side B)" They Live LP (RRR) 2009

Download the new episode here. (right click link, then save as)

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