Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Indian Jewelry Vs. Psychic Ills. Tonight! @Little Mountain Studios, July 14th

Amazing show happening at Little Mountain Studios tonight. Twee Death presents a no holds barred battle between NYC's trance-inducing Psychic Ills and Houston, Texas' demented Industro-garage trio (?), Indian Jewelry. This should be one for the ages, folks. Do not miss this out...

Local psych juggernauts solars will be opening this dual off, thus setting the pace.

Show should kick off not much later than 9pm.


pinto said...

I'm planning on going to their show Sunday in LA. Haven't seen either band live yet. I'm totally looking forward to it.

Bell Hamm said...

man, i know image in music is important but these guys have it all. sexy hairy indie men and sexy indie babe to boot. id rather focus on the ugly and fat bands 'cause i can't help wonder if it's their music or look that got um where they are.