Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pop Dr(((O)))nes Episode 11

Quicky update before I head outta town for the Capitol Hill Block Party in Seattle. After many delays the Newest batch of Captured Tracks releases arrived. Though not as great as some of those initial releases, there were still a few sweet nugs of shit fi pop. Some great female-fronted bedroom pop in the form of the UK´s A Gal and former Pocahaunted member Bethany and her new Best Coast project. The Best Coast cassette on Blackest Rainbow is out of print (contact me below for a copy), but there is a preorder for the 7¨on Art Fag, which will be sure to sell out just as fast. Also, jammed a track off of the three Random Cuts 7¨, one which is out now (pictured above), with the others to be released over the next two months. FYI: Random Cuts is Justin Gradin from Mutators, Nons, Sex Negatives, and ER infamy. Snatch those up...

The podcast seems to be down this week. Apologies, dear readers/listeners. Playlist below...

**UPDATE** Podcast issue fixed. Download here. (Right click link, then save as)

Best Coast "Angsty" Where The Boys Are CS (Blackest Rainbow) 2009
A Gal "And All I Could Think Of Was You" split w/Jeans Wilder (Bathetic) 2009
Eat Skull "Talkin' Boy In The Walls Blues" Wild And Inside LP (Siltbreeze) 2009
Indian Jewelry "Goin' South" Sangles Redux LP (Skinny Wolves) 2009
Mayyors "The Crawl" Deads 12" (Hurlin' Man) 2009
Womankind "untitled" unreleased CDR 2009
Roman Soldiers "Warmer" Warmer 7" (Captured Tracks) 2009
Little Girls "Youth Tunes" Youth Tunes 7" (Captured Tracks) 2009
Kid Romance "I Use Electricity" Fuck Punx 7" (Captured Tracks) 2009
German Measles "Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out" s/t (Captured Tracks) 2009
Random Cuts "Destroyed" Rat Capacity/Destroyed 7" (Nominal) 2009
Random Cuts "Sleep" Sleep/Jail Stripes 7" (Nominal) 2009
Random Cuts "Make Damage" Make Damage/Pigeon Park 7" (Nominal) 2009
Nobunny "Chuck Berry Holiday" Love Visions LP (1234 Go Records) 2008
Ty Segall "Drop Out Boogie" Lemons LP (Goner) 2009
So Cow "Casablanca" s/t LP (Tic Tac Totally) 2009
Wooden Shjips "I Hear The Vibrations (E-Z Version)" Contact 12" (Mexican Summer) 2009
Expo '70 "Seismic Nuances" Night Flight LP (Fedora Corpse) 2009
Dolphins Into The Future "Into The High Seas" ...On Sea Faring Isolation LP (Not Not Fun) 2009
Dead Machines "Live At The Wooden Octopus" split w/Blue Sabbath Black Cheer CS (Gnarled Forest) 2009

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Robert Ondzik said...

That Ty Segall track is so good. What do you think about Jeans Wilder. a bit emo but a pretty epic downer ballad writer.