Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Robe & Allied w/ Womankind@Honey Lounge, Thursday, March 5th. 10PM

It's been awhile since I've posted some local live action, but this upcoming show needs some love and attention. Debuting this Thursday is Womankind, a bit of a Vancouver all-star band featuring the talents of Brady Cranfield, Chris Harris, Christa Min, and a few others. Their sound has been described as being "very Jesus Lizard." Yes! This is also a great opportunity to check out Vancouver's new "deconstructionist rock band", Robe and Allied. Elements of Slint, June Of '44, and US Maple are evident in their refreshing sound (at least to my ears), but these three guys distill it down to an even more intense and simplistic form, forging a powerful new entity. Seriously one of my favorite bands in this city right now. They should also have a release of some form another out sometime this year.

Details: Honey Lounge, Thursday, March 5th. 10 PM. 5 bucks.

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