Saturday, March 7, 2009

Biltmore Swap Meet, Sunday, March 8th. 1-5PM

Looks like Quinn over at local blog From Blown Speakers is hosting another swap meet at the Biltmore this Sunday, and yours truly will be hosting a table. Anyone who came by the Emergency Room swap meet last summer will have a decent idea at the kind of wares I'll be hawking. Plenty of new underground cassettes, LPs and 7"s that are not stocked anywhere else in town. Should have some Pocahaunted material, copies of The Hospitals' "Hairdryer Peace" (one of my faves from last year and unavailable anywhere else in Van City), the Wavves LP on Woodsist, and tons of other out of print releases that range from gnarly garage rock to psychedelic drone. Quantities are very limited. Come down between 1 and 5pm. A single dollar will get you in the front door. Brews, bands, and plenty o' swag. What the hell else are you doing on a Sunday afternoon?

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