Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Broadcast Origins

Thanks to Luke Meat over at CiTR, who DJs the always amazing and mega-informative ANoiZE radio show (he's also the Music Director up there), for hepping me to some youtube videos that line-up snippets of Broadcast tracks next to the songs that "inspired" them. Three parts in all. They can't be embedded, so you'll have to follow these links...

Broadcast Origins

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Apparently this is an ongoing series, so stay tuned for future additions.

Broadcast are one of my favorite groups going right now and have been since I first heard "Work and Non Work", so hearing some direct influences from a few artists I've never even heard of was a real ear opener. Much exploring to do now thanks to witnessing these clips.

Along with showing me the youtube videos, Luke also compiled a CD of all the full tracks from both Broadcast and the originators that appear in those youtube videos. Hopefully Luke doesn't mind me uploading the mix to the rest of the world. 100% credit goes straight out to Luke for compiling this amazing mix.

Now, to my ears at least, some of these are a bit of a stretch, but quite a few are shockingly similar. In particular is the influence of the short-lived psych-pop group The United States Of America, which I had never noticed in Broadcast's music despite knowing The United States lone album quite well. Also bang on is the small opening section of 'Old Man Willow' by Elephant's Memory, which was nabbed for Broadcast's sublime 'World Backwards' (check the clips below...you only need to hear the beginning bit of both). But perhaps the most overt "sampling" is that of Al Stewart's version of 'Turn Into Earth', which should probably raise the eyebrows of a few copyright lawyers (also featured below). Oddly enough, despite the many Stereolab comparisons Broadcast has endured over the years, there aren't yet any direct connections to the groop.

While on the subject of Stereolab, there is also a Stereolab Origins that was compiled by the same user (The Archives Listening Project). Unlike Broadcast's meager 3 part series, Stereolab get a staggering 13 parts! Any Stereolab fans out there should do themselves a favor and spend some serious time with these videos.

Check out Stereolab Origins here.

'World Backwards' by Broadcast

'Old Man Willow' by Elephant's Memory

'Message From Home' by Broadcast

'Turn Into Earth' by Al Stewart (Yardbirds cover)

Download Broadcast Origins Part 1 here.

Download Broadcast Origins Part 2 here.

Again, I cannot thank Luke and The Archives Listening Project enough for prying these ears open a little further.


ElGuappa said...

Hey cool! Thanks for sharesies of all of these things...I miss my copy of Sound-Dust, it's somewhere in Mexico probably in the hands of a totally undeserving person...I hope not. :)

Nova Mob said...

This is astounding! Thank you so much for bringing my attention to this. I wonder when these guys are going to release some new music/ tour the States?

Mark E. Rich said...

I would imagine that Broadcast have something new in the works. it's been a while since the last...

The Archives said...

Glad to hear you liked the videos I put together. I might disagree that all credit goes to "Luke" but hey...

There's going to be a part IV for Broadcast soon with a bunch of the Microtronics tracks linked to their source material. Stay tuned.


Capt. Greencloud said...

Thanks for the posting Mark, interesting stuff. I haven't made it through all the Stereolab origins, but i'm sure that François De Roubaix must be mentioned in several examples. I'm having a great time swimming through his back catalogue, gaining a great new perspective on the idea of origins. Anyone interested in exploring might be inclined to check it out ( amazing stuff )


Mark E. Rich said...

Yah, sorry, Archives. Of course, maximum credit goes out to you. Thanks so much for getting all those videos together. Can't wait for part 4 of the Broadcast Origins.