Friday, March 27, 2009

Hip-Hop Friday: Diamond Shell-The Grand Imperial Diamond Shell (1991)

Sorry kiddies, not a lot of time for any serious dissection this week (got some other deadlines that actually help pay the bills), but I figured a quicky upload is better than none at all. The album in question this week is Diamond Shell's "Grand Imperial Diamond Shell" issued by Cold Chillin' in 1991. The album was entirely produced by Biz Markie, which was actually a bit of a rarity for the label as Marly Marl was the main man behind the boards for the label. But it makes sense when you learn that Diamond Shell is actually Biz's cousin. And much like the Biz, Diamond Shell comes off as kinda goofy but, ultimately, is a lovable character with a lot of heart and some pretty funny lines. The beats here are pretty light and suit Diamond's fun-loving flow quite well. Not exactly the best from Cold Chillin' or the Biz, but definitely worth a peep.

'Oh What A Night' video featuring Biz Markie

Download "Grand Imperial Diamond Shell" here.


Piratina said...

I kinda wondered what Biz Markie was up to... I havent seen or heard hide nor hair of him since Just a Friend and I was a little worried. To say the least

Anonymous said...

what are you retarded biz markie is everywhere, has has had 3 albums since diabolical biz, He's on Yo Gabba Gabba almost daily with reruns, He was in men in black II he is big as he ever was.... since just a friend