Friday, August 27, 2010

Pop Dr(((O)))nes: Episode 61

Vancouver's Flash Palace have been kickin' it around the city for close to two years now but have only just issued their debut release, Misinterpreted Sunsets, released on their own Mayan Chorus cassette label. Considering the fact that most of these guys wouldn't have even been in high school at the time, they manage to weld together some of the more innovative sounds that sprung up from the independent underground during the mid-late 90s, namely, post rock, IDM and math rock. Well, at least that's what these ears hear. Skittery electronics, sweeping guitar lines and watery vocals all come rolling out with a mathematical precision that hasn't been heard this side of the border since those early Constellation Records releases. Misinterpreted Sunsets can be purchased at Red Cat here in Vancouver or grabbed from the band via their myspace. The group have been garnering some attention outside of the city and are actually about to start building their own studio. Excited to see where these guys will take things next.

Second release for Chicago natives Brain Idea, but this one is a prelude to their upcoming vinyl debut later this year on Permanent Records. The Clean keep getting thrown their way, but these guys definitely have something a little darker and more cryptic going on. Clanging guitars, anthemic and shout-along vocals, and damn groovy basslines are the foundation of their sound. One of my favorite new bands right now. Get juiced for that vinyl release!

Dead Ghosts "Girl Across The Street" Live Songs one-sided LP (CMR TYZ) 2010
Indian Wars "Pick You Up" split w/Fungi Girls 7" (CMR TYZ) 2010
Paul Cary "On The Rise" Ghost Of A Man LP (Stankhouse) 2010
Here Comes A Big Black Cloud "Black Out" split w/Tiny Knives (Stankhouse) 2010
Frankie Rose & The Outs "Candy" s/t LP (Slumberland) *due Sept 21, 2010
Big Troubles "Drastic & Difficult" Drastic & Difficult 7" (Olde English Spelling Bee) 2010
Terrorbird "Who's Sorry Now?" split w/Certain Breeds 7" (Global Symphonic) 2010
Blessure Grave "Stranger In The House" s/t 7" (MishkaNYC) 2010
Brain Idea "One More Time" The Survival Scrolls CS (Permanent) 2010
Running "#1 Dad" s/t CS (Permanent) 2010
Heater "Black & Gold" God & Hair LP (Permanent) 2010
Puffy Areolas "$200 Jeans" s/t 7" (Die Stasi) 2010
Holy Cobras "May You Be Free To Roam" s/t 7" (Telephone Explosion) 2010
Unnatural Helpers "Earwax" s/t 7" (Dirty Knobby) 2010
San Francisco Water Cooler "August Receipt" II LP (self released) 2010
Prince Rama "Om Mane Padme Hum" Shadow Temple LP (Paw Tracks) 2010
aTelecine "Puget" ...And Six Dark Hours Pass LP (Dais) 2010
Flash Palace "moveice=blueair" Some Misinterpreted Sunsets CS (Mayan Chorus) 2010
I Just Died "Chalk Hearts" Chalk Hearts 8" square lathe (Smoke Filled Casket) 2010

DOWNLOAD EPISODE 61 here (right click link, then Save As)


Camella Lobo said...

I am sorely behind on your episodes! Must catch up. Thank goodness I have a day job. Hope things are good! Cam

Camella Lobo said...

I am sorely behind on your updates! Thank goodness I have a day job. And headphones.

Hope you're good, Mark!

xx, Cam